2021 Press Releases

April 28, 2021

KiplePay Fast Tracks Warong’s Initiatives, Enabling Small Traders Towards Cashless and Contactless Economy

WarongKu, the newly launched e-commerce platform, aims to mobilise small traders online towards a contactless and cashless business environment. The platform was created under the Transformasi Penjaja dan Peniaga Kecil Menerusi Pendigitalan initiative driven by SME Corp, and Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC) operated by Idea Creative Technology Sdn Bhd (ICTSB) and in partnership with Coalition of Malay Small Traders Association Malaysia / Gabungan Persatuan Persatuan Penjaja Kecil Melayu Malaysia (GPPPKMM).

WarongKu’s aim is to enable 25,000 small traders to have their own payment terminals with cashless and contactless payment options by 2022. To date, 3000 small traders have been provided with payment terminals, with another 3500 small traders to be equipped during the next batch. The nationwide partnership will assist small traders such as gerai, warong and restaurants to migrate their business online by setting up an online shop on the WarongKu website and start transacting with consumers seamlessly with cashless payment options, powered by KiplePay.

The cashless transactions are made with KiplePay payment terminals and gateway, providing consumers with the ability to make any online payments with their preferred e-wallet provider, including KiplePay e-wallet. Additionally, when small traders sign up as a WarongKu merchant, they will automatically be given a Kiple Merchant ID which allows them to receive sales payments as fast as within 2 days, a quicker than usual timeframe.

KiplePay Sdn Bhd Chief Executive Officer Tan Kay Yen shares that the company understands small businesses and their challenges in going digital, hence the introduction of seamless and easy-to-use solutions that fast tracks their journey online. “In order to thrive in a post pandemic world, businesses are actively exploring how best to include digital solutions in their overall business to ensure continuity and keep up with an increasingly competitive ecosystem. The introduction of Warongku aims to help small businesses address this need and is a timely initiative during Ramadan.”

The WarongKu platform follows the recently launched Warong Rider, which acts as an alternative for the people to purchase food from the Ramadan bazaars, organise for parcels and other items needed for delivery. Participating businesses currently using the Warong Rider are connected to delivery partners for last mile logistics which is often a challenge for small businesses. Both the Warongku platform and Warong Rider are initiatives from the industry to allow small businesses to adhere to safety SOPs and ensure that they are taking the necessary precautions to limit interactions.

Warong Chief Executive Officer Mohd Nadzri Kamarulzaman shares that as digitalisation becomes a necessity, it is important for small businesses to start thinking about how they want to move their brand and business online. “We are especially focused on supporting the smaller traders and micro merchants; most of which are home-based businesses, and market sellers as they stand to get the most out of this opportunity. Partnering with Green Packet Berhad, the parent company of KiplePay Sdn Bhd, who has many years of experience in the digital field is a practical move to ensure that this community of small businesses has the necessary support needed to thrive in this new landscape. Together we will help them build their brand and boost the small business’ ability to better contribute and compete in Malaysia’s digital economy.”