2021 Press Releases

July 02, 2021

Ingram Micro Cloud Introduces Partner Transformation Program to Accelerate Partners’ AWS’s Business

As a result of the initiatives within the recently announced global Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ingram Micro Cloud is introducing a customised Partner Transformation Program (PTP) as part of their AWS Illuminate offering. The AWS Illuminate PTP will enable Ingram Micro’s partners to maximise their AWS practices and accelerate revenue growth.

According to AWS, AWS partners who have gone through the comprehensive assessment, training, and enablement engagement see greater year-on-year revenue growth than those who have not completed the PTP. On average, companies in the program see 50-70% revenue growth and 140% won opportunities growth year-on-year.

Partners who go through the AWS Illuminate PTP will further benefit by incorporating Ingram Micro Cloud’s strategic frameworks for practice building, including the IaaS 9-Step Strategy Framework and the IaaS Solution Growth Journey geared towards helping partners through their maturity in the cloud.

Ingram Micro Cloud’s partner enablement program, AWS Illuminate, has been focused on helping partners build a profitable AWS cloud business through exclusive services and offerings. Now, Ingram Micro Cloud is integrating the PTP with AWS Illuminate to deliver a consulting engagement that helps partners align internally, develop a clear strategy and vision for their AWS practice, and accelerate their cloud business at any stage in their AWS journey.

“By offering PTP within Illuminate, Ingram Micro Cloud can now help its partners build even more profitable and fast-growing businesses, seamlessly,” said Tim FitzGerald, Vice President of Global Cloud Channel Sales at Ingram Micro Cloud. “We’re thrilled to continue adding more value for our partners in a way that enhances their cloud journey and differentiates us as a strategic partner for their business.”

SyncOrg, previously known as DSA Consulting, is the global delivery partner and architect of the PTP for AWS and has supported hundreds of partners around the world to accelerate their cloud businesses. The inclusion of PTP as part of AWS Illuminate is born from Ingram Micro Cloud’s deepened relationship with AWS and drive to develop an ecosystem of enabled, optimised, and connected partners with a common goal and focus. SyncOrg’s unique engagement with Ingram Micro Cloud is based on a shared vision to maximise partners’ growth through 2021 and beyond.

“Our agreement with Ingram Micro Cloud will open up PTP to a new audience of partners, which we know will be a game changer for these businesses,” said Scott Young, Co-founder and CEO of SyncOrg. “Our expertise is shaping these businesses to maximise their potential through consultative transformation programs, while enabling them to execute a clear, sustainable strategy for their business. It will also ensure they are maximising the support Ingram Micro Cloud offers by clearly identifying areas of focus and improvement.”

Katherine Pugh, AWS Alliance Lead at Zen, who participated in the program, said: “The Zen team has been nothing but enthusiastic about the output of SyncOrg’s work and the structure of the AWS Illuminate PTP. We now have a single, end-to-end view of our process and its strengths and weaknesses, which has allowed us to truly prioritise our focus areas with an appreciation of the knock-on effect each element of our AWS practice has on the other elements. The output so far is like ‘gold dust’ in giving us the perspective that we could never get without this initiative.”