2017 Press Releases

December 20, 2017

HyTrust Announces New Solution to Discover, Classify and Protect Sensitive Workload Data from Internal, External Threats

HyTrust, Inc. is bolstering its offerings of workload security with the release of CloudAdvisor, a new product which empowers companies to proactively identify risks to sensitive data and protect it against inadvertent exposure, data loss, malicious and careless users, malicious activity, and regulatory non-compliance. CloudAdvisor is seamlessly deployed as a virtual appliance, and it helps to secure and protect data from the inside out aside of providing organizations with the ability to simply define, detect, and defend this most valuable information.

Furthermore, organisations using CloudAdvisor can automate the complex and time-intensive process of sensitive business-data discovery, classification, and protection across private cloud and SDDC environments. Anticipated customers are companies with voluminous unstructured data and/or small IT teams, as well as firms in regulated industries, such as finance, health care, government, and the law. These companies can expect to reduce their corporate risk and increase productivity while saving time and money.

"It's a real struggle for companies to manually identify and secure unstructured, high-value data assets that reside deep within their unprotected virtual deployments and cloud-storage solutions," said HyTrust founder and president, Eric Chiu. "HyTrust CloudAdvisor provides visibility, insight, and actionable intelligence into the confidential and unstructured business data indiscriminately replicated across an organization's virtual environments. IT and security practitioners can quickly create data-discovery policies specific to business needs, automate discovery and classification tasks, meet regulatory compliance requirements, and proactively protect and secure a company's most valuable data assets."

In addition to this release, CloudAdvisor works as a virtual appliance within the virtual environment, integrating fully with VMs, Active Directory, and storage-based snapshots. Within minutes of activation, CloudAdvisor discovers the VM inventory and delivers initial results of its ongoing analysis. From then on it monitors, tracks, and analyzes data-access patterns, data usage, and file content across all VMs under management, with results optimized for data visualization, exploration, and wizard-based workflows. The intuitive web-based interface, designed for IT operations, security, and governance professionals, allows users to search, navigate, and discover new insights in seconds. Meanwhile, pre-set alerts can notify interested parties of security concerns, suspicious activities, and compliance violations.

"Security teams need to know more about what sensitive data is flying around virtualized data centers to be able to effectively control access and reduce the risk of damaging disclosure events," said Eric Ogren, senior security analyst at 451 Research. "The combination of data-centric and activity-centric intelligence is essential in securing workloads. HyTrust adds CloudAdvisor to its portfolio of cloud security products the ability to identify and classify data in unstructured files – a problem which can bedevil traditional approaches."