2022 Press Releases

August 02, 2022

Healthier Lifestyles Across Indonesia Will Be Made Possible With the Help of Google Cloud and "ConnectedLife with Fitbit."

Preventive Care Medwell is a new digital health effort from Bio Farma, the parent company of Indonesia’s pharmaceutical state-owned enterprises (SOEs). It is a collaboration with Google Cloud, Fitbit, and ConnectedLife is line with the government’s “Healthy Indonesia” movement. As part of this project, Fitbit and the participating organisations have created “ConnectedLife with Fitbit,” a unique virtual platform that allows Indonesians to take control of their health and fitness and prevent chronic disease.
Google Cloud’s accessible, flexible, and protected technology are used to build ConnectedLife with Fitbit. Using the Fitbit app and the ConnectedLife web and mobile dashboard, users can see how their everyday activities, diet, sleep, and stress levels affect their overall health and wellbeing. ConnectedLife with Fitbit uses the user’s agreement to analyse their data and deliver a dynamic "Wellness score,” tailored observations, suggestions and gamified experiences which encourages the users to make meaningful and sustainable changes in behaviour.

With the support of Fitbit and other connected medical devices, the ConnectedLife with Fitbit platform can help individuals change their lifestyles to keep blood glucose levels in a healthy range and lower the chances of acquiring chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus.

“When it comes to preventing disease and treating it early, our goal at Bio Farma is to help people prevent illness in the first place, before it progresses to the point where treatment is necessary. So, for the past few decades, we have promoted and administered frequent health check-ups and immunisation campaigns,” Soleh Ayubi, PhD, Bio Farma’s Chief Transformation and Digital Officer said. He also explains that the Preventive Care Medwell programme Is leveraging cutting-edge technologies and data science capabilities to deliver individualised preventive care at scale. He hopes to empower Indonesians to take control of their health, adopt a lifestyle that prevents chronic and severe diseases and age gracefully with enhanced quality of life by combining Google Cloud and ConnectedLife with Fitbit'’s industry leading capabilities in wearable technology, cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI), as well as their experience in building trusted digital platforms and ecosystems."

To keep the healthcare industry moving forward, Bio Farma is the parent holding pharmaceutical SOE. Bio Farma's CEO, Honesti Basyir, says telemedicine is another digital health service that will soon be available to the larger community, in support of Indonesia's government's aim to enhance national health resilience. Collaboration across sectors, such as that with Google Cloud, will be necessary to speed up the shift to value-based care. Many more digital health technologies and programmes like Preventive Care Medwell can be created with such alliances.

“There is a lot of work to be done, but it's worth it in the long run. To be successful, it will take significant work and dedication from many parties, not only government,” according to Pahala Mansury, Vice Minister of the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises. She continued, “Therefore, we applaud the collaboration between Bio Farma, Google Cloud, and ConnectedLife with Fitbit. This initiative's platform data will be a valuable resource for future programmes, such as precision public health, which delivers interventions to the correct population at the right time, in addition to inspiring individuals to make healthier lifestyle choices. It is possible to avoid or delay the emergence of chronic illnesses through successful national preventive and precision care initiatives. This will alleviate the strain on families and hospitals, as well as ensuring the long-term viability of our country's healthcare system and fiscal position."

ConnectedLife uses Google Cloud's enterprise-grade capabilities in data encryption, attack surface management, network security, and identity and access management to implement rigorous security controls, data governance, and enhanced data protection across the entire virtual platform for Preventive Care Medwell. As part of the Preventive Care Medwell project, individuals are given the opportunity to signal whether they accept to disclose their medical information via a secure web application programming interface or not.

Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Charge 5 have been given to 300 early adopters to test the platform. 450 clinics, 1,200 pharmacies, and commercial partners will be added to Bio Farma's national network in the next six to nine months after the experiment is completed. Digital health initiatives will be implemented for patients as well as employees by these healthcare providers and employers.

Health care professionals and employers, using the platform, will be able to use a distinct data visualisation tool to help people better understand their own health risk profiles. With the help of the tool, healthcare providers and employers may now remotely assess and detect emerging health risks at an individual or population level, allowing them to design interventions or programmes that have a positive impact on the health and well-being of their patients or employees.

This new initiative is an extension and recognition of our collective and positive work to date, according to Google Cloud Country Director for Indonesia Megawaty Khie. "With Fitbit's technology ecosystem facilitating health improvements for millions around the world and Google Cloud's Healthcare Data Engine already speeding up the development of Bio Farma's Polio, Tetanus, and COVID-19 vaccines," she said. To put it another way, we are confident that the combination of medical devices, software, and personalised services – along with strong accountability for data acquisition, privacy and protection – can bring meaning to health information, motivate Indonesians to take proactive steps toward prevention of health, and enable local healthcare providers to provide efficient and high-quality care.