2020 Press Releases

May 13, 2020

Green Data Centres: Benefits and Growing Trend of Sustainable Data Centres for Smarter Business Model

SpaceDC has published a new white paper examining the key considerations and impacts faced by a digital economy boom as storage of digital data is set to generate 14% of the world’s carbon emissions by 2040. The white paper, Green Data Centres Key to Southeast Asian Digital Economy Boom, explores the region’s first green data centre situated in Indonesia that is designed by SpaceDC. It also analyses the benefits and growing trend of sustainable data centres.

Data is an increasingly critical resource in today’s digital age and the mainstay of everyday digital services such as ride hailing, digital purchases, or just about any online transaction. Big data applications such as cloud services have become the backbone of many companies, improving business processes significantly. Across Asia between 2019 and 2023, the public cloud is estimated to contribute to a total economic impact of about US$450 billion. Data centres will face not only the issue of higher electrical costs and the need for a resilient and reliable infrastructure but also the often-irreversible impact on the environment as usage increases.

In view of this, governments worldwide have imposed stricter regulations on carbon emissions by the technology sector. Examples include Beijing’s ban on data centres with a power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating of 1.5 or higher, and Indonesia’s Regulation No. 82. Government regulations coupled with increased overall expenditure in hosting and sustaining digital infrastructure for both providers and consumers alike sees more companies re-evaluating their green methodology and moving towards green data centres. Tech giant, Microsoft, took a pledge earlier this year, to be carbon negative by 2030, with an ambitious plan to cut their direct carbon emissions for their entire supply and value chain.

“Digital globalization will continue to soar and it is more imperative now than ever for organizations to implement smarter and cleaner ways of consuming energy to stay competitive,” said Darren Hawkins, CEO of SpaceDC. “In addition to cost efficiencies, green data centers are the key to a sustainable and longer-term business model of the future. Our first green data center in the region opened to astounding success and we encourage more organizations to join us on the road to sustainability.”

The paradigm shift from traditional data centres to sustainable data centres thus becomes imperative to the success of businesses and a greener future, and the trend towards more energy efficient data centres is on the rise. The booming data centre economy is already outpacing their energy suppliesIn some countries such as Ireland. Countries all over the world will have to look to new alternatives to support the continuous industry growth, and this is where green data centres come into play as the next industry standard.