2017 Press Releases

December 19, 2017

ExtraHop Adds AWS Data to Provide Performance and Security Insights for Hybrid Enterprises

ExtraHop and an Advanced tier Technology Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN), announced support for integration with AWS CloudWatch, CloudTrail, and VPC Flow Log data, providing enhanced visibility and contextual analysis for customers with AWS and hybrid environments.
Nowadays, organisations have embraced cloud and hybrid infrastructure to deliver their critical applications and services due to the scale and agility advantages that cloud computing offers. As organisations expand their IT footprints, they are often challenged to adopt common monitoring strategies and tools that work across all of their environments.

To address these challenges, ExtraHop’s award-winning solution for AWS provides customers the ability to troubleshoot applications and services in real-time, tune performance, and detect potential security threats in their cloud and hybrid environments using wire data, advanced analytics, and machine learning capabilities from a single platform.
With the latest enhancements, cloud teams have instant access to valuable insights from the combination of AWS-native data and real-time service monitoring and anomaly detection capabilities from ExtraHop. Customer benefits of this integration include:

  • Optimise performance and utilisation of AWS and hybrid resources. Teams responsible for deploying applications and services are often challenged to understand how the behavior of systems impacts utilisation and performance of the underlying resources. With AWS data in ExtraHop, teams can easily correlate service performance with AWS metrics such as CPU, memory, and disk utilisation. 

  • Correlate changes made in the environment  with service disruption. Unintended changes to settings and configurations in an IT environment is a common cause of service disruption. When AWS data is combined with ExtraHop, teams can easily correlate application and service performance with user identity and actions, and gather additional details such as login attempts.

  • Accelerate root cause analysis. Some performance and security issues require a deeper level of analysis and investigation. ExtraHop augments AWS data on top talkers and conversations by providing the who (users), what (applications and protocols), when (in seconds instead of minutes), and how (commands and files) behind every transaction. By seeing everything in context, organisations can quickly pinpoint the source of issues and avoid lost time in the war room.

“IT teams across various industries require visibility into both on-premises and cloud environments in order to troubleshoot applications and services, tune performance and detect potential threats,” said Jesse Rothstein, CTO and co-founder, ExtraHop. “With ExtraHop for AWS Bundle, wire data and AWS data come together to identify the source of failures and latency with visibility into every transaction in digital applications and services delivered from cloud and hybrid environments. Teams are now armed with real-time, empirical, granular event data to help bring urgent attention and focused action to the source of performance problems and outages.”
“Accolade runs its services exclusively on AWS platform, and as a rapidly growing business we need the ability to scale on demand, and deliver a seamless user experience for our clients. We also need to keep our data safe," said Mike Sheward, Principal Security Architect at Accolade. “Together, ExtraHop wire data and AWS data allow us to leverage the flexibility of the cloud, without losing the ability to inspect the contents of a single packet.”