2023 Press Releases

January 20, 2023

Exabytes Announces its Growth Plan for 2023

Being Southeast Asia’s leading all-in-one business, cloud, digital and e-commerce solutions provider, Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd currently serves over 160,000 small and medium-sized (SME) businesses in 121 countries, providing services such as cloud, shared and email hosting, Virtual Private Server, dedicated servers, domain name registration, digital marketing, marketing and collaboration tools, and many others.

The company strives to serve its SME customers with reliable, affordable, simplified solutions that provide them with a competitive advantage in the early phases of digitalising their businesses. This is guided by Exabytes Growth Plan 2023 which included several significant milestones.

To recap, Exabytes launched the Accelerate Women Entrepreneurship with Exabytes (AWEWE) Programme in 2022, assisting 380 women entrepreneurs in Malaysia and Singapore to improve their entrepreneurial skills while also helping them establish an online presence.

Additionally, Exabytes has assisted over 220 young ladies in Penang who are students between the ages of 15 and 17 in developing their digital abilities and preparing for the future, which was also part of the AWEWE program.

In conjunction with its 21st anniversary, Exabytes expanded its reach to Setiawalk in Puchong, while also becoming a partner of Google Workspace, AWS Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Microsoft, and Freshworks, among many others. In fact, it was all part of Exabytes’ digital growth journey in efforts to help its clients with their cloud-first digital transformation and cybersecurity.

With that, Exabytes has recently announced that the company has invested in two new pillars to diversify its offerings to customers providing them with New Retail Solutions and Enterprise Cloud First Solutions.

“We strongly believe in the journey of Digital Transformation and as a company, we strive to evolve with the ever-changing needs of the customer. For this year, we’re going to be focusing on enabling more customers to begin discovering the value of continuing to transform with Exabytes’ digital solutions offering, especially among small, medium and large businesses. This is how we plan to further contribute to the progress of digital transformation locally and internationally,” said Chan Kee Siak, Founder and CEO of Exabytes.

As it is with most aspects of business, partnerships are a key initiative to drive awareness of growth plans, relevant products and solutions, and learning platforms to improve skill sets and maximise the opportunity for digital transformation. Having that in mind, Exabytes has been actively partnering with global and renowned brands to ensure that its customers enjoy the best rates, specifications and experience.
Considering the fact that nurturing and supporting the needs of the customers is not just done by offering the right digital solutions but is also important that we assist our customers with their digitalisation journey, Exabytes has recently launched Exabytes Academy with an aim to support its clients with knowledge on its products and user knowledge to enhance utilisation within their team(s) on the solutions they have subscribed to grow their business.
Throughout the constantly expanding scope of products and services over the span of the last two decades, Exabytes continues to grow across the region, which allowed the company to benefit from a whole new segment, not only for the good of the company but for its clients as well.