2021 Press Releases

November 05, 2021

EDB Introduces BigAnimal, PostgreSQL Database in the Cloud

EDB, a PostgreSQL contributor, has announced the general availability of its BigAnimal offering, the first fully-managed PostgreSQL database in the cloud with Oracle database technology compatibility. BigAnimal is for enterprises looking to deploy their most demanding databases into the cloud and is built and supported by the world's largest roster of PostgreSQL engineers.
“BigAnimal was built in direct response to what our customers told us was missing from existing cloud Postgres offerings,” said EDB president and CEO, Ed Boyajian. “These improvements aren’t incremental - they’re transformational. We’ve made no compromises. This means you get fanatical attention from the biggest team in Postgres, native compatibility with Oracle database technology, and extreme high availability. And we run it all inside your cloud account.” 
Accelerate Business with the Best Cloud PostgreSQL
Customers who are building serious cloud applications realise that they can’t get what they need from the basic PostgreSQL offerings today. They are held back from moving fully into the cloud without the transparency, control, and performance tuning required for their most demanding workloads. BigAnimal responds to these needs by giving organisations granular control over the database within their own accounts and all the enterprise PostgreSQL capabilities EDB has been developing over the past 15 years - while being fully managed by EDB.
Specifically, with BigAnimal, enterprises will experience the following benefits:

  • Partner with PostgreSQL builders. For over a decade, PostgreSQL users have counted on EDB for their on-premises deployments. Now with BigAnimal, users can also rely on unequaled support from EDB’s world-class PostgreSQL experts. 

  • Migrate applications on Oracle databases to PostgreSQL on Azure with little to no changes needed. With BigAnimal, customers can reduce costs, time, and risks when migrating workloads from legacy Oracle databases to cloud environments. BigAnimal’s deep compatibility with Oracle database technology and comprehensive migration tools address a critical need for enterprises who want to move quickly without leaving behind all their legacy database investments in code, skill sets, and resources.

  • Increase transparency and control of their cloud PostgreSQL. BigAnimal runs in a customer’s cloud account, allowing them to closely manage, secure, and optimise their PostgreSQL along with their other infrastructure according to their business needs and spend commitments. BigAnimal also gives users an unprecedented level of control over their PostgreSQL with superuser access to precisely tweak database internals. 

  • Minimise complexity with the same PostgreSQL everywhere. Users of EDB Postgres can expect a consistent database experience from EDB Postgres on premises to BigAnimal on Azure. This includes using existing PostgreSQL skill sets, integrating the database into DevOps pipelines, and leveraging EDB Postgres Advanced enterprise capabilities such as enhanced security, performance management, and compatibility with Oracle database technology. EDB also supports licence portability, allowing customers to deploy PostgreSQL whenever and wherever their business requires easily.

According to Carl Olofson, research vice president, Data Management Software, IDC: “In 2021, we saw a significant rise in cloud infrastructure spend and expect it to soon surpass non-cloud infrastructure. With this growing reliance on cloud platforms, many companies don’t have the in-house skills to deploy, manage, and optimise their databases. Considering EDB’s long track record of building and supporting Postgres, companies have a strong option for transitioning smoothly and optimising their cloud database operations.”