DSA Awards 2018 Winners List

The 4th annual DSA Awards saw our readers vote over the last month to pick the best vendors for 2018. Now, we have tallied all your votes and the results are in. We thank you for taking the time to vote your favourite vendor. To the vendors who didn’t secure enough votes to win, worry not, there is always next year. Here are your winners for the DSA Awards 2018. 

Best Data Driven Newcomer – Hyperlab

A new category for the DSA Awards, it focuses on companies that use modern technology to bring out the best from data. In this case, the nominees included blockchain technology and artificial intelligence focused vendors. With AI being the future for data-driven companies, Hyperlab’s conversational AI bags enough votes to win the category comfortably.

Best AI Vendor – Google Cloud

Speaking of AI, it is no surprise that Google Cloud dominated the votes in this category with IBM trailing in some distance for second place. As more vendors continue to provide AI, this category will only get more competitive in the years to come. For Google Cloud, they have the strength and the foundation needed to leverage on the demands of the industry to provide the best for their customers. 

Best Cloud Storage Vendor – Amazon Web Services

The odds were tight in this category as Amazon Web Services (AWS) wins the cloud storage vendor category by a footstep against Google Cloud. With the demand for cloud technology growing and getting competitive, AWS continues to offer a range of reliable, scalable and cost-effective cloud storage. In the end, all it took was just two extra votes to see AWS bag the award. Microsoft was also trailing behind closely in third place. Considerably fewer votes went to the rest of the cloud providers in this category – a clear testament that the cloud industry in the region is still pretty much dominated by the “big three”.

Best Data Protection/ Disaster Recovery Vendor – Veeam

The most competitive category saw Veeam edge out Commvault and Barracuda by a milestone this year. Veeam has been investing and partnering cloud service providers and others to enhance their protection services. With data protection and disaster recovery becoming ever so important, the competition in this category will only get stronger as vendors continue to provide the best for their customers.

Best Data Security Vendor – Cisco

As security threats continue to grow and evolve, cybersecurity vendors have had to step up their game and escalate their efforts to improve their offerings as well. Of all the data security vendors nominated, Cisco was voted the best security vendor. Coming in second and third place were Fortinet and Symantec. Vendors in this category will indeed continue to face more challenges to help businesses prepare for the future of cyber attacks and continue to come up with better methods to deal with them.

Best Analytics Vendor – Microsoft

Microsoft continues its dominance by winning the best analytics vendor category. Having won it previously, Microsoft received more than double the number of votes given to second and third place winners, Oracle and Cloudera. This clearly shows the dominance of Microsoft in the sector.
Best Enterprise Storage Vendor – Dell EMC

Out of 9 nominees, Dell EMC secured more than a quarter of the total of votes, showcasing its dominance in the best enterprise storage vendor category. Enterprise storage continues to grow with more offerings. With all remaining nominees earning votes around the same range, it is definitely a sign that the storage industry will remain competitive in the years to come despite Dell EMC’s enormous popularity among our ASEAN-based readers.

Best End-User Data/Storage Technician – James Salvador F.Avilla, MAMS, GMA Network

James was selected winner for the best end-user technician category for his work in the MAM main storage. He also led the implementation and configuration of News automation projects. 

Best Vendor Data/Storage Technician – Justin Ng, Solution Architect, Commvault


With more than 26 years of experience in the IT industry, Justin Ng provides a strong technical vision and expertise, by leading various teams of system engineers to address any issues in the customer’s current IT environment, and the best technical solution to meet customer needs. 

As the Solution Architect at Commvault Systems, Justin works closely with his teams to come up with innovative ideas in designing and developing technical solutions to address current and future goals. His strong interpersonal skills and proven ability to lead client projects enable his teams to consistently exceed customers’ expectations. 

Three judges consisting of two journalists from AOPG and Jun Fwu Chin, IDC Research Director for the Asia Pacific region, voted for the winner out the four finalists. Jun said that the judging for the winner was a tough call for him as he felt both the top 2 finalists had the experience and committed to serving the best in the industry.

Congratulations to all the winners of the categories. 2019 has a lot more in store us with the rapidly evolving and disruptive space of data, storage and digital transformation. We look forward to continuing working and serving all of you with the best content. Happy Holidays.

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