2019 Press Releases

December 17, 2019

Denodo Platform Now Available on the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

Denodo, the leader in data virtualization, has announced that Denodo Platform is available through Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace, which makes it easier for organisations to migrate data to Google Cloud to boost cloud data analytics and data lake initiatives.

As a subscription-based offering, the Denodo Platform on GCP Marketplace gives a true enterprise-scale data management solution for real-time data integration without the cost and complexity associated with traditional data replication.

As organisations actively migrate data and processing to the cloud, and as data residing across multiple cloud repositories becomes a reality, data virtualization an example for a method that prvoides faster and more agile data integration. Google Cloud customers who uses the Denodo data virtualization product can see the following benefits:

  • Easy access to a wide breadth of data: Connect, combine, and consume data from a variety of data sources including Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage, and other Google Cloud data sources, to provide a more data-driven approach to advanced real-time analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to help make better business decisions.

  • Optimize access to big data: Enhanced BigQuery support provides native connectivity and pushdown optimization to enable customers to process massive workloads with better query efficiency.

  • On-premises, cloud, and multi-cloud interoperability: The Denodo Platform’s ability to deliver real-time data access with BigQuery cloud-native APIs enables easy data movement between existing on-premises and cloud data sources and Cloud Storage.

  • Fast, intelligent execution of data queries: BigQuery can be leveraged as a high-performance caching database for the Denodo Platform in the cloud. This supports advanced optimization techniques like data movement (data shipping), which enables multi-pass executions based on intermediate temporary tables.

  • Flexible packaging and pricing: Users can leverage utility-based pricing through a number of offerings on the GCP Marketplace. They can start small and scale as needed.

Ravi Shankar, SVP and CMO of Denodo said “As a real-time, agile data delivery method, data virtualization is well suited to the cloud, because it provides distinct benefits to customers transitioning to Google Cloud,” “The Denodo Platform combines real-time data interoperability with semantically-consistent data delivery, to make it easier for customers to transition to BigQuery and Google Cloud’s on-demand storage to increase efficiency and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.”

There is a free Test Drive environment on GCP Marketplace if organisations would like to try out that allows users to quickly and easily experience real-time data delivery and accelerate insights without duplication and explore the benefits of what Denodo Platform has to offer on Google Cloud. Denodo Test Drives are completely free of charge for demonstration, education, and evaluation purposes.