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May 01, 2019

Dell Technologies World 2019 Storage Announcements Dovetail into the Wider Vision

Dell Storage and Data Management Announcements from Dell Technologies World 2019

Dell crammed a lot of storage announcements into Day 2 at Dell Technologies World. Announcements made included a revised Unity model (the XT series), new Isilon models, a new data protection appliance and PowerProtect Software platform. (Details on the new features and specification are detailed in the press release below)

Dell Announces the Unity XT

From our perspective at DSA, the single most interesting announcement was around the new Dell EMC Cloud Storage Services. This announcement brings Dell’s cloud storage strategy in line with some of the other major storage players. It enables Dell EMC’s Unity, Isilon and PowerMax array’s file and block storage to be connected to public clouds including AWS, VMware on AWS, GCP and Azure. Users want the flexibility to move application-specific data from on-prem storage to public cloud Storage-as-a-Service, and this enables Dell storage users to do so.

A theme that has emerged from this year's announcements is that to get the full benefit of the new Dell edge to core to cloud promise; you will need your foundation to be based on VMware. This is also true of the Dell EMC Cloud Storage Services, where some of the tightest integrations, such as the automated DR-as-a-Service only being available via VMware on AWS.

You can look at this as a negative or positive. Dell’s message is clear; The value as you move on your cloud journey is to have a single vendor that can be with you through every part of the journey. In that respect, where you have VMware underpinning your clouds, the full force of Dell’s value proposition materialises. That said, the fact that native cloud platforms are included in these Cloud Storage Services is a strong step towards acknowledging and working with other cloud foundations.

The PowerProtect announcement also reinforced this “wider vision”. The demonstration showing the simplicity and ease with which enterprise applications can be protected and recovered was incredibly impressive. As long as your applications are based on VMware, you get the full force of this new data protection suite. However, seeing that functionality rolled out to cloud-native platforms or non-VMware platforms is, according to Beth Phalen, President and General Manager of Dell's Data Protection Division, something in their future plans.

Dell's Beth Phalen Talks Data Protection and PowerProtect

Looking wider, no other company has completely open integration and support, and Dell is arguably as far along as anyone else. The fact that Dell is building such a strong proposition on VMware Cloud Foundation makes sense. Long-term integration with other platforms is something we expect to see over time. In the meantime, Dell remains firm leaders in the storage and data protection space, and these announcements show that is not likely to change any time soon.
Full press release follows:
Dell Technologies Powers Real Transformation and Innovation with New Storage, Data Management and Data Protection Solutions
New solutions modernize the data center to help customers support disruptive technologies and unlock their data capital
News summary

  • Dell Technologies infrastructure is the foundation of today’s most important and disruptive technology trends, including AI and cloud, that are transforming IT and business globally
  • New storage, data management and data protection solutions give customers the performance, agility and scalability they need to store, protect and maximize their data capital
  • New Dell EMC Unity XT Series delivers up to 2X performance, up to 5:1 data reduction and is built for a multi-cloud world
  • Dell EMC introduces its first data management solutions with the all-new PowerProtect Software platform and PowerProtect X400 multi-dimensional appliance

Dell Technologies (NYSE:DELL) announces new and enhanced storage, data management and data protection solutions that directly affect an organization’s data capital. With these new offerings, Dell Technologies is empowering businesses on their digital transformation journey to preserve essential information and become more adaptive, competitive and innovative.
Sixty-seven percent of business leaders say their company will no longer be competitive if it can’t be significantly more digital by 2020, according to a Gartner survey[i]. Digital transformation starts with IT transformation, which requires customers to modernize their data centers with infrastructure designed to simplify their data landscape, optimize workloads at any scale and secure an organization’s most valuable asset – data.
According to Jeff Clarke, vice chairman of products and operations, Dell Technologies, “an organization’s ability to harness the power of its data capital will determine the winners and losers in the digital economy. To deepen the value of traditional IT assets – while also creating new opportunities and efficiencies – many organizations today are looking to modernize their IT infrastructure as a critical step to become more digital. And they are turning to Dell Technologies and our world-class portfolio of products, solutions and services to help them do that.”

No compromises with Dell EMC Unity XT
The revenue share leader in external enterprise storage systems[ii] announces the next generation of its Dell EMC Unity midrange storage system. Dell EMC Unity XT is up to 2X faster than its predecessor[iii] and 67% faster than its closest competitor[iv]. The system is optimized for greater data efficiency with up to 5:1 data reduction and 85% system efficiency[v]; and built for a multi-cloud world. Dell EMC Unity XT can run in a public cloud, seamlessly move data to the cloud and is available as a service via the new Dell EMC Cloud Storage Services. In addition, Dell EMC Unity can be a building block for the Dell Technologies Cloud as part of a validated design.
Where competitors require trade-offs, Dell EMC Unity XT storage arrays are designed to eliminate performance and efficiency compromises. The new Dell EMC Unity XT platforms provide all the CPU power needed to run applications, process file and block inline data reduction, and deliver operational data services – simultaneously. Dell EMC Unity XT is a modern, active-active architecture and is NVMe-ready, enabling customers to maximize their investment and move forward with their IT transformation.

Tame unstructured data growth with Dell EMC Isilon
To help customers keep pace with the data deluge in AI use cases like autonomous driving and in key industries including media and entertainment as well as healthcare, Dell EMC is boosting the capabilities of its industry-leading Isilon scale-out NAS family. The latest Isilon release provides massive scalability, enhanced cloud integration and security to support the most demanding file workloads.
Isilon OneFS 8.2 provides up to 75% greater cluster scalability – up to 252 nodes enabling up to 58PB and 945 GB/s aggregate throughput per cluster[vi]. This enables enterprises to achieve faster business outcomes with unprecedented simplicity at scale. Additionally, the new Isilon H5600 Hybrid scale-out NAS storage platform, powered by OneFS 8.2, provides the ideal balance of dense capacity with performance.

Seamlessly connect to public cloud with Dell EMC Cloud Storage Services
Enterprises of all sizes are looking to extend their on-premises infrastructure to public cloud for a variety of use cases, including disaster recovery (DR), test/dev and analytics. To support this, Dell Technologies is expanding its portfolio of cloud-enabled infrastructure solutions with new Dell EMC Cloud Storage Services.
Cloud Storage Services extend customers’ data centers to the cloud, providing Dell EMC storage – directly connected to the public cloud compute – as a service. This is accomplished through a managed service provider that delivers a high-speed, low-latency connection from a public cloud directly to Dell EMC Unity, PowerMax and Isilon in their data center. This provides customers with the advantages of durable, persistent Dell EMC Storage deployed alongside public cloud for multi-cloud agility. VMware customers can leverage automated disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) solution in VMware Cloud on AWS for seamless, enterprise-grade, pay-as-you-go DR in the cloud.

Flexibility and built-in intelligence with Dell EMC PowerProtect
In 2018, the average volume of data an organization managed grew by 569% globally, compared to 2016[vii]. Unable to predict how much data they will need to protect and manage over the next two or three years, IT organizations require a new level of flexibility and scalability. To enable organizations to protect, manage and recover data at scale in on-premises, virtualized and public cloud environments, the industry-leader in purpose-built back-up appliances and data replication and protection software[viii] introduces new data management solutions with the Dell EMC PowerProtect Software platform and Dell EMC PowerProtect X400 multi-dimensional appliance.
The Dell EMC PowerProtect Software platform delivers data protection, replication and reuse, as well as SaaS-based management and self-service capabilities that give individual data owners the autonomy to control backup and recovery operations. VMware customers will benefit from a modern and simple data management solution for their vSphere environments with automated policy-based backup and recovery and integration with vRealize Automation.
Available as a hybrid or all-flash data management appliance, Dell EMC PowerProtect X400 has the flexibility to scale-up with grow-in-place capacity expansion and scale-out compute power and capacity. Also, the PowerProtect X400 is the first Dell EMC data management solution to utilize machine learning for intelligent load balancing to ensure protected data is placed in the most efficient and cost-effective location possible.

Right-sizing data protection with Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance
For small- and medium-sized businesses looking for improved data protection in an integrated appliance, Dell EMC is announcing the availability of an 8-24TB version of its popular Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) DP4400. This lower capacity version of IDPA DP4400 is ideal for smaller organizations and remote offices and still allows the ability to grow in place up to 96TB with the purchase of license keys and an upgrade kit.

  • Dell EMC Unity XT Series arrays will be generally available in July 2019.
  • Dell EMC Isilon OneFS 8.2 software is now available.
  • Dell EMC Isilon H5600 will be generally available in June 2019.
  • Dell EMC Cloud Storage Services will be generally available in May 2019.
  • Dell EMC PowerProtect Software platform and PowerProtect X400 appliance will be generally available in July 2019.
  • Dell EMC IDPA DP4400 8-24TB version will be generally available in May 2019.