2020 Press Releases

February 10, 2020

DataCore and Veeam Software Automate, Simplify and Centralise Data Protection Across Different Storage Technologies

DataCore Software has announced that the company has integrated its SANsymphony™ software-defined storage platform with Veeam Software’s Universal Storage API Plug-In.

Customers of Veeam Software Backup and Replication can take snapshots and backups of VMware data stores residing on SANsymphony virtual storage pools with minimum impact on production workloads, with this integration.

The combined solution is especially valuable for organisations relying on a mix of high-performance, premium-priced hardware and low-cost, high-capacity devices to meet their primary and secondary storage needs. The lack of hardware compatibility has resulted in disparate, error-prone backup processes that reduce their effectiveness, in these now-commonplace diverse IT environments.

Customers can take low-impact snapshots and swift backups using the same integrated data protection services with the capabilities of DataCore and Veeam, without regard to the make or model of the underlying storage hardware. The hardware is not required to support the Universal Storage API or even have snapshot functionality, since DataCore handles those actions on its behalf.

Separate SANsymphony nodes can also perform the role of a Veeam Ready Repository where backup copies can be safely and economically stored, ideally in a different location. From there, users may offload older backup files onto lower-cost, elastic object storage through Veeam Cloud Tier as part of the Scale-out Backup Repository™ in the Veeam® Availability Suite™.

In a centralised control plane of software-defined storage services, DataCore Software specialises in pooling capacity and auto-tiering data across diverse storage equipment. The device-agnostic functions include synchronous and asynchronous replication, zero-touch failover and failback for local and metro-clusters, advanced site recovery, as well as continuous data protection and fast, lightweight snapshots. Veeam intelligent data management software brings sophisticated and intuitive backup, replication and restoration methods with rapid and granular application-consistent recovery for virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads. DataCore is a long-time member of the Veeam Alliance Partner Program.

While enabling greater choice when shopping for storage technologies, the combination of DataCore SANsymphony™ software-defined storage and Veeam® Software solutions automates, simplifies and centralises data protection.

Mike Ivanov, senior director of product marketing at DataCore said “Safeguarding multiple storage tiers has traditionally been very difficult to do, and is often performed manually and in isolation. The integration of DataCore and Veeam enables enterprises to consider a wider variety of primary and secondary storage options to gain the best value, while the procedures for day-to-day data protection, business continuity and disaster recovery remain unchanged and largely automated.”