2023 Press Releases

March 16, 2023

Custommedia Leverages IBM's ELM Platform to Provide Local Businesses with a "Best of Breed" Application Lifecycle Management Value Proposition

In a constantly evolving business landscape, many organisations are struggling to deliver on elevated customer expectations while navigating the challenges of digital disruption, and increasingly complex IT environments.

To that end, Custommedia Sdn Bhd, an IT-based organisation with core competency in the software engineering discipline, is leveraging IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management solution to enhance its digital service and further support Malaysia’s organisations while proactively managing their IT resources in a cost-effective manner for greater Return-on-Investment (RoI).

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) is the leading platform for today’s complex product and software development. IBM ELM extends the functionality of standard Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools, hence providing integrated end-to-end solutions that offer full transparency and traceability across all software engineering data. From requirements through testing and deployment, IBM ELM optimises collaboration and communication across all stakeholders, thereby helping teams to improve decision-making, productivity, and overall product quality.


Here is how it all started: Custommedia had accumulated a breadth of expertise and experience in developing and delivering industry-leading software engineering solutions using multiple tools, system platforms and methodologies. As the company embarked on more projects, it was in need of an advanced, highly-sophisticated platform to support its software development and business velocity, and IBM ELM was selected to meet these objectives.

In this vein, IBM ELM has successfully empowered Custommedia to manage agile and efficient continuous software integration within DevOps practices. Most project data and assets are now centralised under a common platform, with defined workflows that help streamline processes across business stakeholders, project managers, developers, and testers. This way, everyone has access to a user-friendly dashboard and is able to track progress, review work items and generate relevant reports according to his or her respective role in the project.  In addition, some crucial third-party tools that are still in use are easily integrated with IBM ELM’s support for open standards, a hallmark of many IBM solutions’ interoperability nature.

“Collaborating with IBM has enabled us to enhance our digital capabilities while enabling us to continue developing innovative products and services for our clients. By implementing IBM ELM, we have successfully accelerated the speed and efficiency of software development, minimising the cost of failure and re-work, and providing end-to-end project traceability for our customers across the industries,” said Puan Mastura Abu Samah, Managing Director of Custommedia.

“As digital transformation continues to drive the need for more innovative solutions to cater for advanced engineered products, the need for Application Lifecycle Management has grown across industries in leaps and bounds. We are delighted to partner with Custommedia to help Malaysian businesses future-proof their organisations, achieved through ‘best of breed’ technologies that ensure greater business success,” said Catherine Lian, Managing Director and Technology Leader, IBM Malaysia.

“Today more than ever, businesses need to re-evaluate how they manage their assets, infrastructure and talent if they are to effectively automate and modernise systems while predicting where to go next. The winners will be those who can think holistically — blending thoughtful leadership, strong collaboration, an integrated approach and the right tools – and a good example is this partnership between Custommedia and IBM,” she added.