2014 Press Releases

August 21, 2014

CommVault Simpana Gets Serious about Cloud and Simplifies Pricing

NOTE FROM DSA EDITOR: The Big Boys in backup are gearing up for a very competitive next three years. Analysts predict that as much as 30% of the global backup installed base is up for change over the next 3 years, so its not surprising to see all the major players loading their guns and getting ready to go to battle. The Landscape is getting interesting with newer players like Unitrends stealing ground on traditional players and arcserve spinnning off from CA to become a more agile organisation. CommVault has its hands full, but has always done a solid job of playing to its strengths. Coming from the same AT&T labs as BakBone Software, CommVault made all the right turns to grow whilst BakBone suffered and eventually ran out of steam having to sell up to survive. I mention this as CommVault has had a knack over the years of getting their direction right. We know that Simpana is not the most simple poduct to implement on the market, neither is it always the cheapest, but it is robust, scalable and has very strong application support particularly in the Microsft space. 

The important part of the press release below is the strength of the cloud support. We believe that CommVault has got it right again. Cloud and Enterprise Backup have finally come together and traditional backup products will need to have extensive cloud support. In this press release CommVault announce extensive support the two most significant public clouds in the corporate space (Azure and AWS). We believe that CommVault are taking their cloud integration seriously, they see the way the market is moving and are keeping ahead of the curve to stay relevant.

CommVault Introduces New Simpana Solution Sets Including Automated Cloud Data Management

  • New automated provisioning and management of cloud infrastructure enables CommVault customers to quickly adopt private, hybrid and public clouds
  • New Simpana Solution Sets offer simplified pricing and packaging options for virtual machine management, application recovery, endpoint data protection and email archives
  • Solutions provide a simple path to comprehensive data management utilizing CommVault’s proven single-platform architecture
  • CommVault supports more cloud platforms than any other software vendor, allowing customers to seamlessly automate data management across cloud, hypervisor and storage platforms – including new support for Amazon Web Services; Microsoft Azure; Microsoft Hyper-V; VMware vSphere; Citrix XenServer; and HDS and NetApp systems

OCEANPORT, NJ—August 20, 2014—CommVault (NASDAQ: CVLT) today announced new Simpana®cloud management capabilities and Simpana Solution Sets designed to transform how companies of all sizes protect, manage and maximize the value of business information amidst a rising tide of data and compliance requirements.

As enterprises deploy private and hybrid clouds to increase business agility, the new Simpana Solution Sets are designed to speed cloud adoption and data center modernization by delivering next-generation software innovations. Supporting mobile productivity and improved self-service access, the Simpana Solution Sets help customers lower cost and reduce risk with enhanced data and information management for all leading cloud, hypervisor and storage platforms.

With its industry leading support of the most cloud storage platforms, CommVault has added capabilities for Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure that include robust cloud reporting as well as end user self-service provisioning, recovery, software snapshots and virtual machine resource management.

“CommVault recognized the trend toward cloud computing very early on and has made significant investments in cloud computing over the past seven years. Today, we are the leading supplier for over 200 managed service and cloud providers,” said CommVault CEO Bob Hammer. “Our extensive experience providing leading data and information management capabilities helps our customers as they transition to cloud-based and managed service-based environments. We make it easier and more cost effective for businesses to achieve data management, compliance and mobile computing objectives.”

Simpana Software Solution Sets for any Infrastructure

The new Simpana solution sets can be individually deployed or combined as part of a comprehensive data protection and information management solution. The following new and cloud-enhanced Simpana Solution Sets are available worldwide today:

Simpana for VM Backup, Recovery and Cloud Management enables virtual machine administrators and end users to build, protect and optimize virtualized and cloud infrastructure.

  • In contrast to point solutions that only back up VMs, the Simpana software enables application owners and tenants to manage their own VM provisioning, management, backup, recovery, retirement and archiving operations through a single interface across platforms. These include: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Hyper-V and VMware and Citrix XenServer.
  • Pricing is available with new licensing options of per socket or per 10-VM pack. Unlike competitive offerings, the Simpana VM solution set includes metrics reporting, global deduplication, and deduplication-aware replication, instant VM recovery, and 1 year of maintenance.

Simpana IntelliSnap® Recovery unifies and streamlines application-aware hardware snapshot, replication and recovery to make data assets fully available as size and complexity grow.

  • Customers can automatically manage hardware-based snapshots for the largest physical and virtualized application infrastructures.
  • New Simpana software integration for arrays and applications, including NetApp, HDS and Oracle.
  • Pricing for data protection snapshot, replication and remote services options are based on usable capacity or array-attached bundles.

Simpana for Endpoint Data Protection helps protect and enable the mobile workforce by efficiently backing-up devices and providing secure access and self-service search capabilities.

  • New features for secure file and folder sharing, data loss prevention and device upload support secure data protection and collaboration.
  • Reduce risk and costs with integrated eDiscovery and legal hold across all managed data.
  • Endpoint backup, file sharing and search solutions are licensed per user.

Simpana for Email Archive increases productivity, reduces compliance risk, and improves insights by integrating self-service access, simplified eDiscovery and legal hold, and cost-effective long-term retention.

  • Built-in analytics improve storage planning and decision-making for email archiving policies.
  • The new solution set can be deployed in on-premises, private or hybrid cloud environments, with support for Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, and Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes.
  • Email Archive is licensed per mailbox and includes flexible archive, search and compliance options.

In addition to new licensing options, traditional capacity licensing is also available.