2020 Press Releases

June 25, 2020

Cohesity Announced SmartFiles “Less-Is-More” Guarantee to Assure Leading Capacity Efficiency for Files

Cohesity announced the Cohesity SmartFiles “Less-Is-More” guarantee. This offer provides assurance that SmartFiles -- the industry’s first software-defined, data-centric, multiprotocol file and object solution for the enterprise -- will utilise disk storage more efficiently than competitive offers such as scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) products.

The offer* which begins on June 24, guarantees the best capacity efficiency in the industry. When deploying a given dataset on Cohesity, Cohesity will credit the difference towards the purchase of Cohesity software if customers find that a competing offer delivers better capacity efficiency for the exact same dataset.

The need to optimise data management and storage costs becomes more critical as businesses struggle with rapidly growing volumes of unstructured data (a recent IDC report found 40 per cent of respondents indicate that they expect their datasets to grow 30-49 per cent over the next two years). That’s even more the case today as IT leaders look to reduce costs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Cohesity helped us eliminate our existing storage filer with an 8.7X data reduction and a 146X reduction in storage from 3.6 petabytes that we would have consumed to 25.5 terabytes stored,” said Josh Van Camp, network administration supervisor, Gleaner Life Insurance Company. “All for 30 to 40 percent less than other data management solutions.”

By making the most efficient use of storage hardware, organisations can lower costs in a variety of areas, including shrinking data centre footprints, lowering power consumption, reducing support costs, and reducing the frequency of the need to purchase additional hardware.

"The SmartFiles 'Less-Is-More' guarantee ensures customers the most capacity-efficient scale-out file and object services solution in the industry," said John Har, product management lead for Cohesity SmartFiles. "This is only possible through Cohesity's innovative multi-layered data reduction approach that includes advanced data deduplication and compression, along with small-file optimization and the ability to deduplicate across entire data center volumes.”

Compared to competitive scale-out NAS solutions, this guarantee gives organisations unmatched flexibility thanks to superior data-reduction technology.

“While some vendors promise their customers the ability to achieve specific capacity efficiency ratios, the SmartFiles "Less-Is-More" offer simply guarantees that Cohesity's efficiency will be better than the rest,” Har added.