2021 Press Releases

November 23, 2021

Cloud4C Extends Managed Cloud Services with Highly Secure SD-WAN Solution

Cloud4C, a leading cloud managed services provider and a Gartner® Magic Quadrant Visionary for Public Cloud IT Transformation services in 2021, announced the release of its Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution for enterprises. This latest addition to Cloud4C's portfolio demonstrates the company's commitment to providing enterprises with complete control over their cloud environments today and in the future.

The SD-WAN solution offering is designed to enable today’s cloud-first enterprises to simplify the WAN architecture and is managed through a single dashboard for centralised management and higher visibility. The solution has been designed to keep in mind the growing need to deliver applications to users without compromising visibility, security, and performance. As organisations continue to adapt to a distributed remote work model, the SD-WAN solution offers secure access to workloads and applications coupled with zero trust provisioning via its SASE feature. 

Our SD-WAN platform integrates seamlessly with leading cloud security and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) providers for comprehensive user and data protection. Enterprises can use this SD-WAN solution to easily design, deploy, configure, and manage their WAN while meeting the real-time demands of their cloud computing and digital transformation initiatives.

Currently, the SD-WAN solution is available to Cloud4C’s large global customer base. Its key features and capabilities include zero-touch provisioning, performance-based routing, and WAN optimisation through latency mitigation and data reduction. 

This new offering builds on Cloud4C's proven expertise and experience in multiple areas of cloud computing to create a highly secure and available next-generation network solution that reduces IT costs, complexity, and risk while providing a better user experience.

“Remote users and the proliferation of applications such as video or media, and IoT not only demand more bandwidth but also need faster access to cloud-based applications, Software as a Service (SaaS), and desktop service," said Woon Lee Chin, Vice President, Product, Cloud4C. “Without a modern network, traffic destined for the cloud uses legacy routing, significantly increasing network traffic on the WAN. And much of this traffic is real-time communications, including video and voice. This results in the necessity for more bandwidth, more latency-sensitive applications, and more reliance on network availability and quality – and SD-WAN has the power to respond to all the needs of modern distributed enterprises.” 

“More third-party reports have shown continuous migration from traditional branch routers used to connect branch locations to the data center to SD-WAN with a more-decentralised architecture and cloud workloads. As SD-WAN is widely replacing edge routers, we believe the launch of this solution will emerge as a key driver of network transformation,” said Chanakya Levaka, Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, Cloud4C. “Cloud4C has a vision to deliver a secure and reliable network solution for enterprises.” 

"The rapid transition to the remote work model has brought with itself a range of security concerns," commented Debdeep Sengupta, President and Chief Revenue Officer, Cloud4C. “Solutions like Cloud4C’s SD-WAN that comes bundled with Zscaler SASE add those much-required layers of security in order to safeguard the organisation, its employees as well as customers against any cyber attack.”