2021 Press Releases

April 06, 2021

Cielo’s Cloud-Based Tech-Enabled RPO Solution Future-Proofs Talent Acquisition Strategies

Cielo, the world’s leading strategic Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider, has reimagined tech-enabled RPO with their next evolution of Cielo TalentCloud, a flexible platform designed to deliver great experiences, elevate meaningful insights, and accelerate recruiting performance. Powered by Cielo TalentCloud, organisations who partner with Cielo’s RPO teams will have the ability to:

  • Deliver a positive hiring experience from application to onboarding through a mobile-first integrated platform for candidates and hiring managers that allows them to engage how, where and when they want.

  • Improve quality of hire and time to fill with artificial intelligence that matches best-fit candidates to open requisitions and intelligent automation for zero-time shortlisting.

  • Harness intelligent automation to increase efficiency and elevate the human experience in the hiring process with proven workflows tailored to different talent segments, use cases and geographies.

  • Build predictability into recruiting with meaningful insights to inform data-driven decisions and benchmark analytics to measure performance.

  • Advance talent acquisition strategies with continually evolving, leading-edge tech innovations – without having to fund or embark on a change exercise – through an open marketplace of over 600 integrated point solutions.

Most talent acquisition functions have made at least one technology purchase in the past two years. But two out of five companies are either dissatisfied or indifferent to their current provider, finds Aptitude Research. The future of recruitment abandons the current state of point solutions and unintegrated data that degrades experience, challenges compliance, and prevents predictability in the recruitment process. However, there is not one applicant tracking system (ATS) or candidate relationship management system (CRM) in the market today that can cover the end-to-end process and capture all the innovation within point solutions. This is why RPO’s future technology model is a seamless, integrated digital ecosystem, according to the Everest Group. Cielo TalentCloud makes that a reality through an optimal combination of technology, people and processes.

“Since launching the first enterprise-wide technology platform in 2008, we have been recognized for being first-to-market with innovations that revolutionise the recruitment profession and industry. There is a reason why this level of transformation hasn’t been done before – successfully at scale. Building a cloud-based platform with seamless integrations that can flex with existing client tech infrastructure and accommodate new innovations and changing business needs is complex. But with the TA and technology expertise of our global team, plus the strong partnership with some of the industry’s best technology providers, we can elevate our clients’ talent acquisition technologies and strategies to achieve their vision,” says Sue Marks, Founder and CEO of Cielo.

Cielo TalentCloud is the RPO industry’s first future-proofed, global cloud-based platform. Our strategic technology partnership with SmartRecruiters powers Cielo TalentCloud with a market-leading workflow and process centred on creating the best experiences for our clients’ talent acquisition leaders, candidates and hiring managers. Other key capabilities within Cielo TalentCloud include a CRM system and a digital assistant chatbot called Cora. Both help engage candidates throughout the recruitment process. The Cielo TalentCloud platform also includes an ecosystem of integrated technology partners, such as Visage and Paradox, to incorporate additional functionality at critical points in the hiring process. Finally, the platform is complete with an open marketplace of over 600-point solutions with seamless integrations to optimise for agility and flexibility.

“Companies need the right technology to hire better and remain competitive in the market,” says Jerome Ternynck, CEO of SmartRecruiters. “Our open Talent Acquisition suite was built to provide a system that can easily deploy and integrate with other systems, making SmartRecruiters the ideal technology partner to support Cielo TalentCloud.”

We understand organisations have made substantial investments in talent acquisition technology. That’s why Cielo TalentCloud is built to accelerate and leverage existing investments, unlocking functionality and elevating outcomes. The flexible, open architecture of the Cielo TalentCloud platform makes it possible to meet talent acquisition functions where they are in terms of current systems while also bringing a proven set of workflows and technology partners to bridge gaps or expand capabilities. The single agile platform approach of Cielo TalentCloud gives organisations more control and visibility over data, improves security and removes the risk that comes from disconnected point solutions. 

“Building this vision of a reimagined Cielo TalentCloud emphasised the core of what we knew. Better things are possible if you build on a foundation of great tech,” says Marissa Geist, Chief Operating Officer of Cielo. “However, it drove home the point that better outcomes are unlocked when you combine that with an open platform designed for the future of TA tech, like SmartRecruiters, and supercharge it with ways of working proven over millions of transactions, executed by the best team in the industry. This is a unique point in time where the tech has really matured to be able to accelerate our industry at scale.”

Cielo is the recognised leader in RPO technology, with the largest, most proficient technology team in the RPO space. Through global RPO services and the Cielo TalentCloud platform, we continue to work with and for our clients to create customised talent acquisition solutions that deliver impactful hiring outcomes.