2022 Press Releases

March 11, 2022

AWS Signs New Cloud Framework Agreement with Malaysia

A new Cloud Framework Agreement (CFA) between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and local IT provider and AWS Partner Radmik Solutions Sdn Bhd was signed with the Malaysian government to help agencies save money, enhance digital skills, and foster innovation. The CFA allows Radmik Solutions, a Malaysian IT systems integrator and technology service provider that is now an AWS Managed Service Provider, to deliver consulting and technology services to government agencies and contribute to the digital economy's growth. As part of our long-term commitment to supporting Malaysia's digital transformation, AWS is the first international cloud service provider to finalise and sign a CFA with the Malaysian government.

Smoothing the path to innovation
Malaysian government agencies and departments can now use AWS Cloud services via a streamlined procurement mechanism to spur innovation and digitise government services for citizens. The CFA eliminates administrative overhead for individual agencies and departments through favourable, pre-negotiated contract terms and conditions, which streamlines the cloud adoption process for government agencies and helps them save money thanks to the aggregated economies procurement's economies of scale.

Without having to negotiate separate contract conditions, Malaysian government agencies now have a standard method to accessing and using all AWS services in any of AWS's 84 Availability Zones across 26 geographic areas around the world. They will have access to more than 200 fully-featured AWS Cloud services, including AWS' industry-leading security capabilities, world-class global infrastructure, and the most complete security and compliance measures confirmed by third parties.

“Aligning to Malaysia’s MyDigital initiative, the Government has published a ‘Cloud First Policy’ circular to provide guidelines for adopting cloud computing technology in the implementation of ICT projects to further improve public service delivery,” said Adi Azlan, Principal Assistant Director of the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) at the Prime Minister’s Department.

The flexibility in access to AWS Cloud services encourages experimentation with new ideas to accelerate innovation within the Malaysian government, as well as the ability to deliver new citizen services more quickly and at a reduced cost. The AWS services offered include AWS Enterprise Support to provide close guidance and best practices, and AWS Professional Services for agencies that need to obtain more guidance on complex projects. 

Driving local economic growth for public sector organisations
The CFA is part of AWS's continuous commitment to supporting the Malaysian government's Digital Economy Blueprint, which is the country's roadmap to becoming a regional digital economy leader. Large public sector organisations, such as the Ministry of Higher Education and the Selangor State Government's Smart Selangor Delivery Unit, as well as major enterprises like Petronas and creative start-ups like Storehub, are among our Malaysian customers.

The Department of Polytechnic and Community College Education in Malaysia’s Ministry of Higher Education used AWS to reduce downtime in delivering education services on its cloud-based learning management system, Curriculum Information Document Online System (CIDOS). Their CIDOS is now the largest integrated cloud-based education platform in Malaysia’s public sector, delivering a full-year of academic curriculum online for over 110,000 students and 7,000 lecturers across 36 polytechnics. Additionally, the Selangor State Government adopted AWS Cloud technology to build and run its Citizens Electronic Payments Platform (CEPat), enabling citizens to access paid government services on their mobile or the web.

The Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM), which collects national economic and social statistics, became the first Malaysian federal government agency to migrate to AWS in 2020. While the agency typically only takes three months to conduct Malaysia’s national census, it needed to maintain its costly on-premises infrastructure year-round. DOSM now only uses cloud resources as needed, saving costs and improving scalability by switching to cloud services. DOSM migrated its citizen-facing services to the cloud using various AWS services and worked alongside AWS Partners Uberfusion and Integriti Padu (IPSB Technology) to handle traffic spikes, improve security, and help census workers access DOSM’s cloud-based e-learning solution. On AWS, DOSM’s census portal can handle 100% of its traffic at any time, including at a peak of 200,000 users. In total, DOSM helped nine million users access Malaysia Census Data on AWS.

AWS has an extensive network of AWS Partners in Malaysia, such as Maxis Enterprise and Radmik Solutions, who help support Malaysian businesses and organisations in their cloud journey. Radmik Solutions will offer consulting and technology services to government agencies as the local Managed Services Provider in the CFA.

“We are delighted to collaborate with the world’s leading cloud services provider to accelerate cloud adoption in Malaysia’s public sector,” said Adam Roslly, Managing Director of Radmik Solutions. “This collaboration will give us the speed and connectivity to foster greater innovation and accelerate our customers’ digital transformation.” 

Building a digitally-trained workforce
research report by AlphaBeta found that 149 million workers in Asia Pacific apply some form of digital skills in their jobs today. However, the need for advanced cloud computing and data skills in the region is expected to increase five-fold by 2025. Digital skills training will be key to accelerating innovation in Malaysia.

AWS will help accelerate innovation with the Malaysian Government and provide training support for selected federal government employees via on-demand digital courses, facilitated training events, and instructor-led classroom training. These initiatives aim to help government employees develop the skills and expertise needed to implement cloud technologies at scale, make better data-driven business decisions, and innovate new services to drive improved outcomes for citizens. 

This training support is part of AWS’s broader commitment to help develop a digitally-trained workforce to power Malaysia’s digital economy. Earlier in January 2022, AWS launched the re/Start program in Malaysia, through free cloud computing courses offered by Malaysia-based UNITAR International University.

Committed to Malaysia for the long-term 
“We are excited to support the Malaysia government, in collaboration with AWS Partner Radmik Solutions, to help build the digital future of the country,” said Eric Conrad, Managing Director of Worldwide Public Sector for ASEAN at AWS. “This CFA will make it easier for government agencies to procure AWS services, and enable them to use the cloud to rapidly experiment at a lower cost and with increased flexibility. It will pave the way for an accelerated cloud adoption journey in Malaysia by removing barriers in government technology procurement, allowing government agencies to focus their time and resources on their core mission of improving citizen services.” 

The work of AWS in Malaysia demonstrates our long-term commitment to the Malaysian government and the country. AWS is proud to assist Malaysia's government in its digital transformation efforts. We are excited to collaborate with Malaysia to develop a digitally skilled workforce, drive innovation, and use technology to address some of the country's most pressing issues.