2021 Press Releases

October 13, 2021

Apptio Announces Cloudability Product Enhancements to Help Organisations Maximise the Value of Their Cloud Strategy

Apptio, Inc., a leading provider of technology business management (TBM) solutions that help organisations analyse, plan, and optimise technology spend, announced a suite of upgrades to its Cloudability family of products. These enhancements enable greater visibility and control of cloud spend, helping customers make informed decisions on their cloud strategy and maximise the value of cloud investments.
"In the wake of 2020's rapid digital transformation and the associated rise of cloud services, many organisations are experiencing the financial impact of uncontrolled cloud adoption," said Eugene Khvostov, VP of Product Management at Apptio. "It's critical for business and technology leaders to manage both the raw cost of the cloud as well as the associated and often overlooked supporting costs, which is why we designed our Cloudability products and features to provide a holistic view of total cloud spend, and enhance collaboration and drive actionable insights across the organisation."
Enhancements across the CloudabilityMX family that will launch throughout Q4 include the following:

  • AWS Savings Plans Recommendations have been available through Cloudability since AWS launched Savings Plans in November 2019. Soon, Cloudability will further improve those recommendations by generating recommendations that consider customers' existing Convertible Reserved Instances before recommending additional Savings Plans purchases. Users will also be able to fine-tune their purchase plans more deeply by setting minimum savings thresholds and custom time periods on which to base recommendations.

  • Rightsizing Recommendations for GCP Compute and Persistent Disks, which will be generally available in late October, is a leading-edge approach that is unique to Cloudability. These rightsizing recommendations will provide users with insights to understand historic usage of their Google Compute Engine and Persistent Disk resources and provide savings opportunities that show the risk versus savings trade-offs involved with each recommended action.

  • Cloudability TotalCost is the only cloud financial management solution on the market that connects both indirect and direct charges to determine the total cost of running a company's cloud-based applications. This single pane visibility enables users to measure cloud program performance and fully optimise, allocate, and budget all elements of cloud spend. Users can pull in cost information for any cloud provider they use (e.g., IBM Cloud, Snowflake, Cloudflare) and allocate those costs alongside their existing allocation of AWS, Azure and GCP costs. Cloudability TotalCost is expected to be generally available by the end of 2021.

  • Cloudability SaaS Spend Management Experience will build on existing product features to streamline expense reconciliation as organisations manage and optimise SaaS portfolio spend, providing detailed financial line item visibility, enhanced reporting capabilities and an intuitive user experience. This feature broadens the financial data supported by Cloudability SaaS, enabling a more comprehensive view into SaaS spend across an organisation. This is also expected to be generally available by the end of the year.

These updates come on the heels of the recent release of the Cloudability Shift Multi-Currency Service, which automatically converts cost data to the currency of the user's choice. Apptio's commitment to developing solutions that improve alignment across global teams, remove operational barriers to improve efficiency, and streamline decision making is exemplified by this capability.