2018 Press Releases

November 01, 2018

Aerohive Networks Extends Its Cloud-Management Leadership by Soon Introducing HiveManager Skill for Amazon Alexa

Aerohive Networks™, a cloud-management innovator and leader, today announced that it will soon be adding an Amazon Alexa skill, called Aerohive HiveManager Shortcuts, to its HiveManager® network management. Aerohive uses cloud management, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to radically simplify and secure 30,000+ access networks around the globe. Adding this new Amazon Alexa skill to its HiveManager application has been a top request of lean IT departments eager to further simplify network management and boost efficiencies.

“Nobody believes that IT departments, even lean IT departments, will shift in the short term to 100 percent voice interaction to control their infrastructure,” says Alan Cuellar Amrod, senior vice president and general manager of Products for Aerohive Networks. “However, providing busy IT personnel, who are on the go or away from their workstation, the ability to easily query client and network analytics, as well as accomplish routine tasks, such as onboarding network devices with just your voice, has been a top ask for quite some time.”

To utilize the AI-driven Aerohive HiveManager Shortcuts skill, IT personnel will simply need an Amazon Alexa-enabled device or Alexa app on their phone. IT personnel can then pair and authenticate into their Aerohive HiveManager to execute a growing number of voice commands. It is important to note that AI is at its best when backed up by human intelligence. The Aerohive HiveManager Shortcuts skill was developed by a team of dedicated Power Users and Developers who can tune an existing skill or push out a new skill to production across Aerohive’s global cloud footprint in 30 minutes or less, or at cloud-speed, as we like to say at Aerohive.