2021 Press Releases

September 14, 2021

Acron Group Optimises Savings with Qlik

Acron Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of mineral fertilisers, has chosen Qlik to support its comprehensive digital transformation programme, according to Qlik. Qlik will assist Acron's IT infrastructure team in driving better efficiencies and cost savings throughout the organisation through the use of data.

Acron has completed the first stage of its Business Intelligence (BI) solution implementation as part of its digital transformation program. The Qlik Sense data analytics platform gathers data from all key production systems from the Group and acts as an important source of information for real time decision making. Acron Group successfully uses Qlik to analyse data on warehouse, finance, procurement, production faults, key resources management and IT. 
“In the early stages of the project, we focused on providing business intelligence as a service. Now each department has proactive employees who use the Qlik analytical reports and tailor them to their needs. The departments that piloted the program have set a positive example for other departments within the Group on BI integration and involving new employees and functions in analytics. Now we have a pool of new analytics initiatives that the Group employees have come up with on their own,” said Denis Guzanov, CIO for Acron. “For example, the digital power control panel was developed by the Business Process Planning and Organising team, which is not part of the IT department. To make it work, the team collaborated with both the IT and Operations departments to collect the necessary data.”
Implementing a digital power control panel at one of Acron Group's facilities in Veliky Novgorod was a significant step for the company's use of Qlik. Over 400 sensors at the facility collect data on energy consumption, which was previously done with a delay. The facility can now monitor energy consumption in real time thanks to the implementation of data analytics, allowing the organisation to quickly identify any issues and prevent overruns.
“Over three months of commercial operation, the Qlik analytics platform has allowed us to streamline energy consumption planning, and deviations in actual power consumption rates from target rates have decreased to less than one percent,” said Mikhail Yaskevich, Chief Engineer for Acron. 
“We are delighted to help Acron implement a data-driven approach to managing a manufacturing company. Deploying Qlik has demonstrated the efficiency of data analytics for fine-tuning decisions and business processes,” said Alexey Artemenko, Regional Director, Qlik Russia and CIS.