Pure Storage Roadshow in ASEAN Recruiting Interest from their Larger Competitors

When: Jun 09, 2015 at 09:00 AM

Pure Storage Transformation2  comes through Singapore and KL

Pure Storage VP for APJ  Michael Alp Presents in KL

The Pure Storage Global Roadshow Transformation2 flashed through ASEAN in the last few days. Last week saw the Transformation2 event in Singapore at the White Rabbit and earlier this week in Pure used the prestigious Majestic hotel to woo Malaysia based IT professionals.

DSA attended both events in order to get a feel for what kind of traction Pure is starting to create in the ASEAN market. Both events were well attended with around 150 in Singapore and nearly 100 in KL. Getting people out to single vendor events is not easy in this part of the world and this strong turnout is evidence that Pure is making an impact in the region.

APJ Vice president Michael Alp featured in both cities and spent time speaking with as many of the attendees as he could. This is time well spent, as Pure executive management need to understand the realities on the ground in this region if they are going to be successful here.

At the Singapore leg of the roadshow DSA chatted with a storage VAR (Value Added Reseller) that was attending the event and agreed to have an off the record interview with us.

The person that we spoke to prefers to remain anonymous, however he owns a storage focused VAR that has been in business in Singapore for over 15 years. His business has been built on the back of long term relationships with both EMC and IBM.

We have summarised our interview with him below:
DSA - We are interested to know why you decided to attend an event with Pure Storage.
Storage Reseller - The storage world is changing in a way we have never seen before. It seems like every week a new storage vendor or technology appears. But it’s not like in the old days when new companies came but gave you no compelling reason to move away from our traditional trusted vendors. Today these new companies have amazing technologies, aggressive pricing and our customers are looking seriously at their offerings. If we don’t adapt and embrace new technologies from new vendors my business will be in real danger”.
DSA – But you built a business based on IBM and EMC, can a company like Pure really worry you that much.
Storage Reseller – Maybe not Pure alone, but Pure is one of a number of companies bringing new technology to market, and when you listen to their message you realise wow that’s amazing and you look at the portfolio of products with your existing vendors and realise they just can’t match what companies like Pure are doing. It’s not that I intend to walk away completely from vendors I have worked with for years, but if I don’t build new relationships with companies like Pure than I will be left with a huge gap in my portfolio that my customers will turn to someone else to fill.
DSA – How are you going to adapt to this changing vendor landscape?
Storage Reseller - To me it’s very clear. I need to build skills and relations with some of these new vendors bringing new technologies to market. I have been looking at technologies like hyperconverged, enterprise flash, and software defined storage and realised that my business needs to evolve. Today I was speaking to a Pure guy that is convinced that flash will become a more cost effective archive media than tape. I don’t know if that’s true but this is how companies like Pure are re-writing the rules of my industry, by aligning with new technology players I hope my business will remain relevant to my customers.

The views we uncovered in this interview are not isolated, Pure are having an impact because IT professionals have crossed a line where disruptive and innovative technology is now a necessity to support the demands of a data driven world. This is in stark contrast to the years gone by where conservatism and sticking with old tried and tested technologies was the safe bet and served purpose.

The interest in Pure is real, but a word of caution. DSA spoke with numerous people at both events who indicate that the appetite to embrace change and look for innovation in technology could even be a threat to Pure themselves. Flash is already becoming the standard fare of enterprise storage and new software defined technologies are grabbing attention of IT managers. Pure need to keep on innovating and align with other new breed companies to continue to capitalise on this momentum.

This as it turns out is one of the key messages of the Transformation2 roadshow, Pure intend to continue to innovate and disrupt the storage status quo.

Where: Sinagpore & KL