Monetize your data with the right Information Architecture

When: Jul 09, 2019 at 09:00 AM

Implementing the right Information Architecture(IA) is critical for organizations looking to utilize their data to produce business outcomes and ultimately gain a competitive advantage. Studies show that over 53% of companies’ time is spent in finding, collecting, labeling, cleaning and classifying data. However, with the right tools and IA strategy, this time can be significantly reduced so that companies like yours can turn their focus to using that data to innovate for tomorrow.

With this comes the added responsibility to secure this data, as security breaches continue to be costly and result in more consumer records being lost or stolen. Recent global cyber-attacks are a clear reminder of the critical importance of a proactive and integrated plan for cyber resilience.

Thus to gain insights from your data while ensuring it’s protection, it’s critical for organizations to adopt a data management system which is supported by a robust infrastructure that promises:

  • Performance

  • Resiliency

  • Scale

Join us for a seminar on 9th July to hear from our SMEs on the right IA strategy for your company. Discover what your business can do to ensure its security, protection and recovery (resiliency).

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Where: Lotus Room, Level 2, Intercontinental, KL Malaysia