A Day at Dell Technology World 2018

When: May 02, 2018 at 06:00 AM

Dell Technologies World 2018 has drawn to a close. The planning and organisation was impressive. The 3 days of packed content for 14,000 attendees went very well with the feedback from those who attended being overwhelmingly positive. DSA were lucky enough to be flown out to Las Vegas to cover the event, however we know that very few of our readers have the time or budget to justify making such a long trip. So we wanted to give readers just a glimpse of what attending a Dell Technologies World event is like. Below are pictures that show the thought and attention that went into making the event enjoyable, informative and provoking. Number one focus was certainly content and break out sessions, but as you will see from below, in between the sessions there was no shortage of activity to keep people occupied or just find some space to "chill". Dell put a lot of VR games in the expo areas, whilst they are fun to play, there is a more serious point. Virtual and Augmented reality is on a fast track to become a critical element of many business applications.


Dell went green. Biodegradable cups by the water fountains. VR human ping pong. Serious business evaluation going on here?

Ok, this is just chill time. No tech angle on playing pool. Pun intended AI and Robotics Combined, most times the machine won.

Never forget Dell is No1 for gaming PC's, Alienware PCs in use. Augmented Reality drone obstacle course!!!

Live TV interviews streamed in real time. Need to chill? Grab a bean bag and check your emails.

Don't forget the expo. Loads of exhibitors on hand all day. Just can't leave your dog at home? No problem. That's covered!

We can only describe this as immersive chilling? Nothing virtual about a back massage!

Need to charge your phone - they even thought of that. Want to get a hands-on certification? Get trained on the spot in the hands-on lab.

A packed expo, with exhibitors you would expect and some you might not (e.g. McLaren F1)

Where: Venetian Hotel Las Vegas