You don’t know how vulnerable you are

It’s been making headlines in the tech world – banks hit with ransomware, college papers leaked, retail chain customer information used for identity fraud.

Sounds like a business’s worse nightmare – but these are banks and colleges and retail chains. These guys are famous and probably hold important information. It won’t happen to my business, we are too small and insignificant. Why would any hacker want my data?

That is your first step to the end of your job or business. If you were a small business, it might be worth noting most attacks are opportunistic. If you were working for a larger company, or a small business with clients in a larger company – that’s the hacker’s way in. And that makes you an unknowing accomplice.

Ransomware costs businesses upwards of $200 million in the first 3 months of 2016 alone. These attacks are not slowing down, and if you have the money, they want you to pay. The most common motivation for most attacks are money.

With the increase in IoT devices, endpoints are no longer restricted to computers. It could be phones, tablets, smart watches, your dashboard camera. It doesn’t matter what it is; if it’s linked to your system you can be hacked. The well-known case of Target was attacked through a cooling system, which gave access for hackers to their administrative systems and database.

Not only that. A lot of attacks are carried out by professionals with the right access to the right information. They don’t need to write any code or plant any bugs. They just have to redirect the victim to click on the right links and they will gain access to lock you out of your data.

Barracuda conducted a survey and presented these findings in an easy to understand infographic. It’s never too late to know more about where your vulnerabilities are and how to prevent it. 

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