Ransomware – Every Business is a Target

It doesn’t matter if you’re the bank or just running an online store. You won’t be spared.
Of course, we are talking about ransomware. You could be the bank, and if you were hit with ransomware – the effect is immediate. You cannot access transactional databases, you get a mob of angry customers, and your customer’s credit card details could be sold for identity fraud purposes.
OK, so you’re just running a simple online store – same story. Your data is locked, you can’t access your shipment and orders, you can’t dispatch goods in time, again you get your mob of angry customers.
The end game for most of these ransomware attacks is money. It doesn’t matter who you are, what business you run and where it’s from. As long as it’s cold hard cash, everyone’s money is fair game. Putting it plainly – if organisations like Yahoo can be hacked, you’re probably just as vulnerable. Most attacks are opportunistic.
So if you were a large MNC you could afford to lose a couple million and bounce back up after that. Not taking into account any further repercussions if the data was leaked and it becomes a legal matter. However, if you were just running a small logistics business, you could be paying what is essentially your entire company’s worth just to get back up operational.
That’s why having a plan against these attacks are crucial. Sure, backup isn’t a cheap investment. Like buying insurance – it’s a peace of mind. Should your business fail one day due to external attack, you know you’re covered and you can  be operational in a short time without losing you lifeblood.
Companies like Barracuda gives the flexibility for small businesses to implement this crucial function without costing a bomb. Read more on Ransomware and Phishing with this Barracuda Whitepaper.

For more information on Barracuda Ransomware whitepaper, click here 


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