Predictive Analytics Special Focus supported by TIBCO

Big Data used to be one of the industry buzzwords that you couldn’t escape. Often when you read the words “Big Data”, “Predictive Analytics” would usually be close by. Today, Big Data has already achieved large-scale acceptance. It is no longer the black art that promised much, but people didn’t know how to do. Instead, it is becoming ingrained in the commercial world and the public sector too. At the same time, the buzz has moved on, with the excitement now centred around AI and Machine Learning – both intrinsically wrapped into the Big Data stratosphere.
Despite the move in the buzzwords, one thing has remained constant. Whether it’s Big Data or AI, people want to be able to more accurately predict the future. Retailers want to predict what new products their customers will want; ride-share applications want to predict where the next ride request is going to come from; and law enforcement agencies want to predict where crime might happen so they can stop it before it starts. To know more on the systems of insight, download our e-book below. 

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