July 2021 Special Focus: Digital Workforce Experience Solutions

Many organisations used to be wary of remote working, thinking it could affect the productivity of the workforce. After all, how can employees remain productive and collaborate well if they’re not all in the same physical office? Nevertheless, disruptive changes happened in the last year or so, compelling organisations to shift the majority of their employees to work anywhere, especially from home.

It is now apparent that this setup will stay even after the pandemic, with 97% of employees saying they don’t want to return to the office full-time. Working from home may even improve the productivity of the workers and gave them a more balanced work-life experience.

With that, it is critical for organisations to adopt technologies and solutions that will enable and empower their workforce in the digital landscape. We have already seen some of them, such as videoconferencing apps, collaboration tools and messaging platforms.

However, there are still many aspects of the business workflow that needs to be considered when deploying such solutions. Businesses need to provide tools and technologies beyond videos and messages for their workforce.

Download this month's Special Focus, as we talk about what areas of the digital workforce experience need to be empowered more, as well as the corresponding solutions that can help them in this digital landscape.

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