February 2014 Hot Technologies Index

We continue on with our Hot Technologies Index. Comparing January and February, we predict a minor shift in interest. ‘Disaster recovery, data protection and high availability’ continues to be a priority in terms of adoption but the level of buzz wanes as no new technologies appear to shake the market. Instead the hype and interest around Big Data Analytics is accelerating as vendors push market awareness campaigns. We anticipate ‘Internet of Things’ to become the primary hype engine for Big Data Analytics for 2014 and 2015. The dynamic duo of social media and mobile will, however, be the real drivers in the short term.

We continue to notice interest around cloud remain unchanged. Anything as a service is now almost universal – at least in brochures and around media/analyst circles. Cloud discussions will almost always bring about questions around availability and performance. These will no doubt raise the importance of SSD technologies as offering significant performance improvement over traditional storage media. And this may good as interest will drive vendors to anticipate volume demand for SSD, and combined with improvements in manufacturing process, R&D and better solutions will mean overall prices for SSD to come down eventually.

We recommend comparing the January Hot Technologies Index so you can start to track the market movement across these five areas. 

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