[E-Book] End-to-end Technologies that Unlock New Possibilities for Organisations in the Philippines

The Philippines is set to undergo a new era of digital transformation, leveraging on its huge digital presence and the emergence of advanced technologies. As such, the government, along with organisations in the country, are building on this momentum to realise a modern and developed nation in the digital landscape.

For its Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, the Philippines’ Trade and Industry department created an AI task force to improve productivity and economic growth in the country. It aims to create an AI roadmap for improving government agencies, private sectors and global relations, from telecoms, manufacturing and financial services, to transportation and logistics.

These technologies are essential to fully realise the country’s digital transformation, especially in this fast-paced digital landscape where such technologies become the main drivers for economic and digital growth.

Dell Technologies, with its portfolio of next-generation Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, deliver powerful computing capabilities to achieve AI adoption, helping organisations realise their automated and intelligent systems for the future. These reliable infrastructure solutions are available in the country through Dell Technologies partners such as Integrated Computer Systems, Inc. (ICS), a leading solutions provider for over 40 years.

Get this e-book to find out how Dell EMC PowerEdge servers provide these capabilities for AI, the cloud and edge, and what organisations can achieve with these next-generation and modern servers. 

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