DSA Spotlight on SAS Viya

Today's businesses need to be data driven. This means sharing data and connecting people to collaboratively derive new insights . That's why SAS developed Viya.

What is SAS Viya? In short it is a cloud enabled open analytics platform that supports numerous SAS and non- SAS products and languages.

SAS Viya is a platform for analytics collaboration for every stakeholder in a business or organisation. Team members from the Line of Business Managers right through to Data Science professionals can all collaborate through this single analytics platform.

SAS Viya is the company's move to incorporate the open analytics ecosystem, enabling people with skills in languages like Python and R to leverage the platform.

Viya has been built to scale whether on premise or in the Cloud. It's Secure, applies much needed governance for open source analytics technologies and ensures insights are derived at speed, no matter how big your data set grows.

If you want to find out more, click below to download our DSA Spotlight on SAS Viya 

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