DSA Interview Compendium - The Business of Flash with NetApp Indonesia

When it comes to Flash Storage we always tread a fine line between technology and business. A conversation about Flash arrays can easily drift into a dialogue about deep technical issues with buzzwords like NVMe, IOPs and inline Deduplication taking centre stage. The “speed and feeds” are important and when final configurations are being architected getting down into the detail is vital.

When it comes to storage technology, clearly Flash arrays are absolutely cutting edge, however it’s the business problems that Flash addresses that need to be the starting point. Moving up a level from feature by feature assessment of an array, its important to understand the strategic design and purpose of different Flash Offerings. NetApp as an example, have multiple offerings and for line of business executives, its far more important to understand the business problems that each type of array was designed for than understanding how many writes per second a particular model can sustain.

This interview compendium does an excellent job of looking at Flash as a strategic business asset for Indonesian companies. We have contributions from NetApp Executives, NetApp Corporate Users and Established Systems Integrators that choose to offer NetApp solutions to their customers.

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