Zerto Beefs Up Customer Care Across APJ

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity experts, Zerto, have announced they are setting up a support centre in Shanghai, China to cater to their APJ customers. DSA managed to get in a quick interview with CEO Ziv Kedem while he was in the region, to get his take on the strategy and importance of having a solid base set up in Asia.

“It’s a good location for us geographically especially in the combination when you add it to our already existing support centres in Boston and Israel,” he said when asked why he chose Shanghai to hold the new centre. He added that it helps to have technical talent who speak the local languages and understand the culture, and Shanghai is rich in terms of this type of talent.

While having skills in technical know-how is imperative to maintaining and assisting the business, Ziv says that knowing how to handle customers is also a very important aspect. He adds that choosing Shanghai has enabled the company to hire individuals who are already skilled and who come with previous customer service experience instead of teaching everything from scratch. 

Travelling to both Japan and China last week, we wondered which country and market Ziv believed was the more exciting opportunity.  Unsurprising Ziv didn’t favour one over the other and told us he is excited by the potential in both these countries.  He explained they are very different markets, both are big and both present interesting challenges. “Both of them are very exciting with enormous potential and I feel that working in both Japan and China is important in building our future growth.”

We asked him about IT Resilience and what he means by that.

“More people are talking about IT Resilience. I think people are starting to understand what it means. When I present, I usually bring up a quote from the dictionary, which I feel reflects what people want to achieve from IT Resiliency. That is the ability to basically cope with or cover malfortune or change,” he explained. Adding that change is the important aspect they focus on.

The idea he proposed is to look not only at protecting oneself from bad things, but also about protection when IT changes, either while deploying applications or the organisation decides to scale or to move to the cloud. Change can be good but it can still be difficult to manage, Ziv believes that Zerto makes it easier to cope with that change.

“These are major changes in the datacentre happening that IT has to handle. The traditional business continuity doesn’t disappear but it is evolving into something bigger which also involves these changes,” he explained.

We prodded a little into Zerto’s announcement of their new partnership with HPE and the significance it will play towards their business strategy.

“This is very important. We are starting to build our alliance ecosystem and we have already announced significant partnerships with Microsoft, IBM and now with HPE.”

By collaboration with these companies, Ziv says it will allow better and more complete solutions for the customer.

Ziv sees a bit of a pendulum shift with the opinion that the shift to cloud is inevitable, when asked if there will come a time when on premise IT will disappear and everything will go to cloud providers, Ziv told us “Today I think IT understands that different workloads have different requirements. So I cannot tell you if these requirements will be served by on premise or not but certainly more will move to cloud over time.” He did point out that today most business-critical systems are still on premise.

He says not all are moving to the cloud as of yet. He feels this is not due to being conservative in nature but because there are still holes to be filled in the technology.

“If you look at total compute in the cloud and total revenue in the cloud, it’s still much smaller than on premise”

Although he doesn’t dismiss the idea entirely, offering that he can’t predict an outcome 10 years from now, but for today’s market, he feels that both combinations have a significant role to play for some time to come.

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