Women in Data & Storage: Veeam

Sharmin Jassal 
Senior Manager, Global Corporate Communications - Asia Pacific & Japan at Veeam Software

Data&StorageAsean: How did you get into this part of the industry? Was it intentional?

Sharmin: I’ve always wanted to work in tech and started off as a venture capitalist – investing in tech startups. Over the years, I realized that software is the future and thus in 2014, when I was approached by Veeam, I thought it was a good opportunity to join a fast-growing software vendor and here I am.
Data&StorageAsean: Has there been any resistance you have felt being a woman in a male dominated industry?

Sharmin: Not at all, I’ve had female and male managers throughout my career – from the financial sector to technology – a majority of my managers have always been incredibly supportive and given me plenty of space to be creative, try new things and learn along the way. I’ve been very lucky in that sense.

Data&StorageAsean: What keeps you motivated day to day?

Sharmin: I’m in an industry that is fast paced and an organisation that moves quickly – so there is no time to feel bored! Besides, I love what I do – so I’m motivated all the time.

Data&StorageAsean: Do you have a role model in the industry?

Sharmin: I have plenty of role models within Veeam and in my immediate circle of contacts – people of all walks of life and backgrounds inspire me – each one has their own unique story – and I love hearing their stories – and use this to inspire me.

Data&StorageAsean: Any advice to someone interested in the industry about what to look out for in data/storage?

Sharmin: Regardless of industry or sector, culture fit is incredibly important. When you’re interviewing for a role, do not be afraid to ask questions about the company’s culture, why are its employees happy to be working there and it’s also a good idea to ask your interviewer what is it about the organization that keeps them coming in every day – this will give you an idea of the organisation is a right fit for you. And once you have that worked out, other things will usually fall into place.

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