Veritas Answers Backup and Recovery Needs With NetBackup 9

Organisations around the world have had to accelerate their digital transformation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While many organisations were already midway through their transformation when the pandemic started impacting them, there will still several organisations who were only beginning their journey and those that had a zero-digital footprint.

To be able to adapt to changes, including the largest migration to work from home for employees from almost every industry, businesses need to have the right technologies to support them. However, with more technologies and remote working, cybersecurity risks increase as well. Reports of increased cyber threats and cyber attacks on organisations and their employees have been increasing drastically in the last 12 months.

When an organisation is compromised, they need to ensure they are able to get back up swiftly, with minimal downtime to ensure the damage is minimised. As such, backup and recovery become essential for organisations today. While most companies will have sufficient backup if they practice the 3-2-1 backup rule, having their systems recovered fast enough and having data availability to keep the company going is a prerogative.

According to Andy Ng, Vice President and Managing Director, Asia South Region for Veritas Technologies, there are three common areas businesses in the ASEAN region are concerned about when it comes to back up.

Firstly, there is the transformation gap. The acceleration of digital transformation has resulted in a gap whereby technology transformation has outpaced the implementation of data management tools. With remote working, a lot of data ended up being stored in multiple locations like on personal laptops and such.

“For a backup strategy to be effective, data must be classified and must be stored in specified locations. Due to the pandemic, a lot of these were done without a lot of controls around it. So it is critical for organisations to regain control of information that was distributed beyond the data centre”.

The second concern was around the adoption of multi-cloud which was also accelerated. A Veritas report shows that the average organisation uses around 14 cloud services in the Asia Pacific region. With data spread across on-premises, the edge, virtualised environments and across numerous cloud services, a lot of organisations end up with a multi-cloud complexity.

Thirdly, the challenge is ensuring businesses have data availability and resiliency. A Veritas ransomware resilience report showed that 42% of organisations globally have faced at least one ransomware attack. Almost 2/3 of organisations admitted that their cybersecurity has been outpaced by the complexity brought about by ransomware.

“In 2021, organisations will be reassessing their business resiliency models to ensure they can continue to serve their customers and employees so that they can rapidly recover their critical services in an event of a ransomware attack”.

The Right Backup is Essential in Cloud Adoption
“Cloud adoption is a reality for many of our customers, especially for new workloads and advanced deployments gaining pace. As such it is essential for customers to implement a solution that is capable to support this increasing complexity spanning across multiple workloads in disparate locations”, explained Andy.

It is very critical for organisations to select the right type of solution such as one that will enable workload mobility across on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure. With the value of data only increasing, data backup becomes more important than ever. Failure to do so may just lead to an organisation’s demise in the event of any data loss.

At the same time, Andy pointed out the recovery has to be a prerogative as well in an era where downtime can be costly. Businesses will need to invest in the best data solutions to ensure their most critical workloads are backed up both on the cloud and offline as well.

“I like to stress on recovery because when ransomware hits, it does not matter whether your data is protected because you need to recover. The moment ransomware hits, that’s when the clock starts ticking. The ability to recover is just as important as having something backed up”. 

Veritas NetBackup 9
To answer the need of customers operating demanding multi-cloud data centres with heterogeneous environments that require a data protection platform without compromise, Veritas launched NetBackup 9. NetBackup 9 delivers significant new features to provide customers with additional, flexible choices for deployment across the edge, core and cloud while increasing operational simplicity.

As NetBackup 9 is available in more flexible deployment modes than are offered by any player in the industry and with the inclusion of its new scale-out hyperconverged mode, Veritas continues to expand customer choice while reducing complexity, cost and risk. NetBackup Software-defined deployment modes now include:

  • NetBackup - in the cloud, on Build-Your-Own Server (BYOS), Purpose Built Appliances and Virtual Appliances.

  • NetBackup Flex - secure, multitenant containerised deployment.

  • NetBackup Scale-out - a software-defined, automated, hyperconverged solution for next-generation data centres.

In the video below, Andy explains more about NetBackup 9 and how it can benefit organisations.


With NetBackup 9, Veritas builds on the position of NetBackup, as the market-leading and most flexible data protection solution available, to offer even more choice. NetBackup solution’s secure data protection eliminates silos, reduces risk to ransomware attacks, helps ensure compliance and governance requirements are met, and maximises ROI.

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