Travelling App’s Journey With Cloud

Travel apps have disrupted the travel industry in so many ways. Gone are the days when holiday goers had to go queue at travel fairs hoping to get the best deals and bargains. Today, there are so many different travel apps offering various products. A holiday goer can book flights, hotels and even plan a whole holiday with tours just by using travel apps on their mobile devices.
One such app is WorldRoamer, which aims to be an all-in-one online travel platform that will cater to the consumer’s travel needs, starting with hotel bookings. According to Jae Lee, Chief Technology Officer of WorldRoamer, the app is working towards being able to facilitate and understand traveller needs, personal discoveries and provide them with the best experience through the discovery of inspirations, unique tools and a select network of properties and activities.
As a company that is natively born in the cloud, Jae said this had given themselves the agility to operate effectively and efficiently.
“Running applications and services in the cloud enable us to overcome obstacles which apply not only to but beyond technology. For example, by utilising a micro-service architecture, we can improve fault isolation. As a result, we are assigning resources according to a specific task while having minimal impact on the rest of the product.”
He added that WorldRoamer looked at cloud security, manageability and costs as the primary evaluation criteria when picking a cloud provider. Jae pointed out that while managing, and also forecasting, expenses are a crucial element to operation for any platform business, cost should never be a single most important factor when determining whether or not to be on the cloud.
“With the help of seamless architecture design supported by cloud providers, managing expenses in the cloud comes at ease. More specifically, WorldRoamer manages multiple cloud accounts separated by the development environment. Also, by tagging cloud assets, we are able to build perspectives which are used to evaluate our business from a different viewpoint.”
Jae also agreed that identifying product market is always key to running a successful business. There have been businesses and apps that have spent a lot on the cloud and their services but have failed to capitalise on the profits due to inadequate planning.
“I believe that the business needs should trigger this particular decision rather than driven by technology specifications. Choosing the cloud has its benefits. However, this decision also comes with a price tag.”
As Jae explained, running critical applications in the cloud requires not only a cloud service provider but also a company culture to support this new environment. This is probably something faced not only by travel apps but any business out there that are in the cloud.

Jae will be speaking at Singapore Cloud & Datacenter Convention 2019 to share further insights of his cloud architecture journey. AOPG is the media partner of this event and will be able to extend complimentary passes. AOPG subscribers may register for their pass via this link.

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