Power of Three a Singapore company offering digital data management

At DSA we are always very interested to come across local companies that are building data and storage related offerings. Babbobox is interesting as they are combining mobility, cloud and document management into a single offering.  Alex Chan CEO of Singapore based babobox spoke to us about why digital data management is becoming key for business of all sizes in South East Asia.

DSA - What is the ‘Power of 3’ and how did you come up with the idea?

AC - The objective of The POWER Of 3 is to enable businesses to digitise (#1 SCAN) physical documents and the upload (#2 TO) to Cloud where they can be accessed, searched and shared (#3 SHARE) - enabling the concept of “SCAN-TO-SHARE” in 3 simple steps. Thus, the POWER Of 3.

DSA - Once you have scanned documents into the cloud how does Power of 3 enable and enhance collaboration?

AC - When the documents are scanned, they are OCRed, this enable the documents to be indexed and searched. What does it mean? It means that if you try to search “To be or not to be”, the book “Hamlet” will come up. In fact, our indexing engine can handle over 100 different languages. Furthermore, our software allows users to share and collaborate documents securely with our unique 3-tier document security. We have another interesting “Mission Impossible” security feature where you can set your document to “self-destruct” at a certain time.

DSA - What kind of users are you targeting with Power of 3.

AC - Naturally, our first target market would be those who handles a large volume of paperwork. Even though the starting price of the bundle of less than USD2,000 leans towards the SMB market, but certain large enterprises has express interest in this solution because of the solution’s wide usage potential.

DSA - How about security? Are documents scanned to your platform safe?

AC - Our platform partner is MICROSOFT Azure which 57% of all Fortune 500 users. In short, our customers will use what large enterprises use in terms of class-leading security standards. On top of that, JustShareIt uses our proprietary 3-Tier Security which is targeted at User Account, Folder and File levels which gives greater security protection to your sensitive shared folders or files with hierarchy of passwords.

DSA - Do you see a big demand for this kind of service in Asia?

AC - Definitely! All research shows that enterprise cloud storage in Asia will explode in the next couple of years; and we are already positioning ourselves as the next generation of intelligent cloud storage.

DSA - What is your business model? Is it pay per document scanned or some other way?

AC - For a start, POWER Of 3 is a package bundle with hardware and a year’s subscription to JustShareIt DMS, which will operate as a multi-tenancy SaaS model. However, we are already getting enquiries for single-tenancy model where customer can get their own Private JustShareIt system. We are also looking into providing JustShareIt as an on-premise software for customer who cannot go onto the cloud.

DSA -  What's the future for this collaboration, any plans for other services?

AC - We can only see this collaboration to deepen as we add more functions and features into our software. Imagine enabling a doctor looking at his patient’s MRI brain scan (DICOM images) on his mobile, or search text or a piece of conversation in an audio/video library. How cool is that?

To know more about Babbobox, click on the video below:

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