Lenovo Feeling Positive in Data Centre Market

Following the recent announcements made at Lenovo Tech World, DSA caught up with Sumir Bhatia, President for Asia Pacific at Lenovo Data Centre Group to get his insights on some of the innovations made at Lenovo as they look to continue to provide remarkable solutions to businesses around the world.

With increased data centre revenue at 11% year on year and a 36% market share of all the supercomputers in the world, it is no reason why the people at Lenovo remain optimistic as they prepare for 2021. As customer demands increase, new ventures and horizons await as Lenovo continues to soar.

“Reliability is key and we continue to provide reliable solutions and products in the data centre. Our key strategy is enabling data centres for businesses and people to better leverage their data to cater to customers. As data is the most important currency, businesses need to know how [to] make insights and develop solutions that solve and create impact”, said Sumir.

At Lenovo Tech World, there were two key partnerships announced. The first was with film studio DreamWorks Animation in providing a high-performance data centre while the second was a collaboration with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud customer edition.

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud customer edition will be delivered on-premises in the customer's data centre, leveraging Lenovo’s TruScale Infrastructure Services and Lenovo’s ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile servers and storage, which are SAP HANA-certified and supported.

According to Sumir, the demand for software-defined services and solutions continue to increase as businesses begin to realise the potential it brings. Sumir explains more about the partnership with SAP, future partnerships as well as the projections for 2021 in the video below.

When it comes to sustainability, Lenovo is pretty much in the game just like every other vendor. Sumir highlighted breakthroughs in computing systems have made it possible to tackle immense obstacles in simulation. This includes reducing the use of energy in data centres. At the same time, Sumir also pointed out how CIOs around the region are also taking sustainability seriously.

“The CIOs are not just from developed countries but also from the emerging markets. Most of them understand the need for sustainability and are serious about it. When they’re doing a transformation into a new solution, these discussions come in”.

An example of this is the high-performance computing of the Malaysian Meteorological Department. They had an ageing system which could only provide up to three days of prediction and short accuracy. Lenovo went in with their water-cooling solutions and they were able to use a lot less power and be more efficient. There were a lot of discussions into using this solution but after seeing the results, they realised it was the right decision.

“One of the aspects of my job I enjoy the most is solving human challenges with sustainability. Power is expensive but the availability is also a concern. There has to be a focus on sustainability”. 

As 2021 approaches, Sumir believes that organisations are going to focus on a lot more automation as well as app development and modernisation, which some are already working on now. The modernisations of applications will continue and the need for robust infrastructure that is flexible and hybrid, which is where Lenovo is focusing on.

“We’re going to be on IoT, edge computing, the cloud (multi-cloud and hybrid cloud), the focus on 5G and high-performance computing and AI. We will be looking at a lot of true scale OPEX models that will be coming in. And then, multi-cloud environments are going to be a big focus whereby customers will be looking into multiple clouds on-premises and how do we go manage them. We need to determine where the applications will be and in that, there will be modernisation”. 

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