Kroll Director Explains Why Backup Is Not The Last Line of Defense Against Data Loss

Following publication of a survey by Kroll Ontrack  which showed that backing up does not eliminate data loss, we spoke with Kroll Ontrack Asia Country Director CK Lee to find out a bit more of his hands on experienced about dealing with Data Loss incidents around Asia. 

CK Lee - Country Director Asia at Kroll Ontrack

DSA - Are Kroll Ontrack customers always those that have not planned for the worse? 
CK Lee - Not always, but most of the time. A lot of companies do not include data recovery as part of their contingency plan.

DSA - How often to do you come across companies that have lost data that do not have what you would consider an adequate Data Protection strategy?
CK Lee - There is a fair mix. Even with an adequate data protection strategy, Data could be corrupted or deleted before the backup kicks in or they may find out the backup data had not been tested and was incomplete.
DSA - If everyone did implement strong Data Protection strategy would there still be a need for companies like Kroll?
CK Lee - Even with a strong data protection strategy in place, you are not able to cover every data loss scenario. It would be difficult to prevent human errors which indirectly are related to technical competency issues and there are natural disasters which are unpredictable.

DSA - Should people be working with Kroll to proactively have emergency data recovery plans in place or are you always the company people come to after the worst has happened?
CK Lee -  Yes. We do have a Business Continuity Standby program which System Integrators can bundle with their annual maintenance to offer to their customers. This will provide a 24x7 coverage and ease the pressure off the IT support personnel.

DSA - With so many new storage technologies in play including flash and cloud, can Kroll still stay relevant?
CK Lee -  Kroll Ontrack has the largest data recovery R&D team in the industry. Their priority is to stay on top of new technologies as data recovery needs for them emerge. We have been successful in recovering data from SSDs and many new flash-based devices. We also offer data recovery services from the cloud. 

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