Keppel Optimistic on Their Indonesian Data Centre

Indonesia is witnessing increasing growth in connectivity. With more devices and people expected to be connected, the amount of data being produced has grown tremendously. Yet, Indonesian data laws and regulations require the data produced to remain in the country.

In light of this, more companies have set up their data centres in Indonesia. Tech giants like Google and Alibaba already have a strong presence in Indonesia with Amazon looking to open their own data centre in 2022.

Indo Keppel Data Centre (IKDC), which is under the Keppel Group, will also be setting up their data centre in Indonesia. According to Tan Lee Kheng, General Manager, Engineering and Technical Solutions of Keppel Data Centres, IKDC obtained its relevant construction permits and will be embarking on the construction in the second half of 2019. IKDC is expected to have its first data hall ready by the second half of 2020.

“With the first data hall operational, IKDC is able to offer to its customer critical data centre spaces designed with high resiliency and efficient operation.”

She added that in addition to the fundamental design elements which complies with local regulations, IKDC has also incorporated its best practices and designs which have been implemented across the region, such as self-sustained backup power facility and water source for prolonged downtime.

Mohamad Saberi Bin Bakar, Head of Indonesia for Keppel Data Centres, pointed out that Indonesian data centre markets are looking exciting, especially with the entry of several major internet cloud service providers. With the increasing demand for good quality data centres, IKDC is well-positioned to serve its local and global customers.

Apart from Indonesia, Keppel has also expanded its data centre footprint to Australia as well. Saberi said that Keppel Data Centres’ track record as a trusted data centre developer and operator has allowed the company to deliver reliable solutions to a broad range of customers in its global portfolio.

“This latest data centre development in Sydney builds on Keppel Data Centres' expertise to support our customers' expansion needs and to help them capitalise on opportunities offered by digitalisation and cloud-adoption. Keppel continues to explore other parts of Southeast Asia to support our customers’ growing needs.”

Keppel is not just building on its data centre expansion. Earlier in June 2019, Keppel Data Centres invested in Etix Group, which is a Luxembourg-based data centre developer and provider of data centre colocation services. It leverages prefabricated data centre modules for quick data centre deployment and has built up a network of edge and high-performance computing data centres across Europe, Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Saberi explained the investment into Etix allows Keppel Data Centres to tap the growing demand for edge facilities and opens new possibilities for potential synergies to be explored. This gives Keppel Data Centres the opportunity to deploy some of these new technologies in their data centres and deliver tangible benefits for their data centre customers.

Indo Keppel will be having a booth at the Indonesia Cloud & Datacenter Convention 2019 on 5th September 2019 at Shangri-la Hotel, Jakarta. There will also be two speakers from IndoKeppel covering topics on how to reduce power consumption of data centres and a debate titled "Good data center engineering versus cost management".

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