Interview with Uri Wolloch CEO AWS Backup pioneer N2W

At DSA we love companies doing innovative things in the Data and Storage landscape. N2W are pioneering public cloud backup. They have come at things from a different perspective from most, they offer data protection within public cloud (AWS). This is topical as we are seeing people questions just what Data Protection service levels cloud providers actually provide. N2W takes a new approach, offering a self contained Data Protection solution that protects applications and data within AWS and enables IT managers to control their protecton capability from within the cloud itself.

This interview with N2W 's founder and CEO Uri Wolloch really helps position the company's approach 

DSA -  Tell us a little about N2W and its vision for entering the Back-up and Disaster Recovery sector?

Uri -  The company was founded in 2012 and started operation in 2013.
We have hundreds of customers worldwide backing up more than ten thousand of production servers. Among our customers are Fortune 500 companies, enterprise IT organisations and Managed Service Providers operating large-scale production environments in AWS.
Since we launched the product, we saw strong and consistent demand and high growth rate and gained significant traction with customers.
Our vision is to become the go-to solution for all cloud backup and recovery needs. We work closely with the #1 public cloud - AWS, and will continue to expand our solutions 
DSA -  How are you reaching out to the ASEAN market and to that extent, what investment are you applying to the ASEAN Market to grow your business here?
Uri - N2W Software started its sales and marketing efforts with more emphasis on the North American, Australian and European market; we have started to establish close relationships with MSPs and System Integrators in those areas. 
Having said that, our solution is available globally via the AWS Marketplace. 
We are now looking to expand our reach into the Asian market and already have our first customers, including tier-1 organisations, in countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, India and also a few customers in Malaysia. (enterprises in the area of Food & Beverages, Construction)

DSA -   Will you be using direct methods or working with partners to deliver your service to the ASEAN market?

Uri - As our product is available on the AWS marketplace, we will advertise our solution in the Asian market through diverse marketing channels. For more complex enterprise deployments we also sell direct, and, I’d like to emphasize that we welcome MSPs, CSP (Cloud Service Providers) and System Integrators from Asia for joint cooperation - like we already built with partners from other regions. Our product supports multi-tenancy and fits very well into MSP models. 
DSA -  Can you explain to us the benefits of using your AWS EC2 optimised Cloud Protection Manager?  
Uri - When we founded the company, we identified a very strong need that wasn’t answered.
While there are great solutions available for on-premise backup and recovery, those solutions were not built for cloud and do not address properly cloud environments: Recovery times are very long rather than desired near zero RTO with Continuous Data Protection (CDP), they also lack smooth integration into other cloud automation services and tools. 
Cloud environment entails very short RTO and RPO without performance degradation
DevOps and cloud architects had to build their own automation scripts around AWS snapshots - an inefficient and error-prone approach that does not scale up as the cloud environment grows. 
While there are some script automation tools, there isn’t any other reliable enterprise-class solution to address these special needs.
In a nutshell we bring the UI and capabilities of the classic backup solution, while building our solution around native cloud technology
CPM 2.0 is extremely flexible, allowing each organisation to set its own backup policies and ensures recovery is very fast and simple. 
Cloud Protection Manager (CPM) Leverages AWS native snapshots and Amazon Machine Image (AMI) technology to deliver a full-featured, ultra-fast solution with highly flexible backup policy. 
Our automation, flexible options to set policies, coverage of essential resources and management capabilities provides a robust, enterprise-class backup and DR solution
CPM is the only backup solution for AWS running on your own environment, which is exactly what large companies are looking for as Cloud Protection Manager can support very strict security requirements. It is offered as an AMI and offered as such on the AWS Marketplace. This allows customers to get started quickly and conveniently.
Unlike SaaS solutions, customers keep all their sensitive data to themselves and are not required to provide their AWS credentials. 
CPM supports hierarchical management capabilities which is very well suited for Enterprises and MSPs. 
Additionally, our API support and CLI ensures CPM can be easily integrated into existing DevOps automation procedures

DSA -  What are N2W’s views on the traditional methods of back-up and storage versus using a Cloud Technology to do so?

Uri - Companies such as Veritas provide a comprehensive backup solution suited for the local datacentre, but they do not provide the desired agility required in the cloud. The main drawback of installing a traditional enterprise backup software in your AWS environments is the inability to use native snapshot technology - as a result making the feasible recovery times very long and unacceptable for some production environments.
To further explain: the native snapshots and AMI capabilities of AWS are very powerful. Leveraging these technologies enables CPM to deliver an ultra-fast solution with highly flexible backup policy. 
Additionally, as a cloud-based solution our API support and CLI ensure CPM can be easily integrated into existing DevOps automation procedures. 
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