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Scott Morris VP Asia Pacific at Simplivity

This interview with Scott Morris VP Asia Pacific at Simplivity is the first in our series of  Hyperconverged is Happening interviews. Our aim with this series is to ask the same questions to the leading hyperconverged vendors in order to get a high level understanding of how each vendor positions there offering and what type of markets they are targeting.  We are pleased to be kicking off the series with Simplivity, they have been highly active in South East Asia in recent months so it it is great to hear directly from Scott the VP of the Asia region.
1.       What’s your definition of hyperconverged?
Hyperconvergence is a solution that helps companies gain the economics, ease of management and scalability of cloud computing in their own data centres. It combines all the elements of the legacy IT stack below the hypervisor (networking, storage, processors, backup, WAN acceleration etc) and software (like backup, management tools) found in a data centre into single more efficient solution that dramatically reduces the amount of hardware, management applications and the man-hours needed to manage IT. 
Many Enterprises today are implementing hyperconvergence based on a data architecture that addresses the performance, capacity, mobility, management, data protection and efficiency required in today’s modern data centre. We believe that true hyperconvergence consists of infrastructure that takes these 12 disparate technologies that exist in the data centre below the hypervisor. Think of servers, storage, network, backup, cloud gateways etc. They are assimilated into x86 based building blocks or appliances all managed through a single management interface integrated directly into the hypervisor.
2.What are the key benefits to IT of hyperconverged architecture?
Hyperconverged architecture helps companies gain the economics, ease of management and scalability of cloud computing coupled with the enterprise capabilities such as data protection and performance in their own data centres. Companies utilizing our solutions have reported a reduction in total cost of ownership by up to 300 percent.
SimpliVity reduces the complexity of managing the infrastructure, it’s all done through one screen globally. Our unique data architecture deduplicates, compresses and optimizes information once and forever. As a result customers are seeing data efficiency (storage requirements) reduce by as much as 100:1, an added benefit of utilizing true hyperconverged infrastructure.
3.Is there any use case for which hyperconverged is not well suited?
SimpliVity solutions are very relevant to any company that is managing a legacy IT infrastructure in their data centre. SimpliVity’s hyperconverged infrastructure takes 8-12 legacy technologies that exist in the data centre below the hypervisor and assimilates them into x86 based building blocks, all managed through a single management interface. Companies of all sizes can benefit from hyperconvergence, because it reduces the complexity of IT infrastructures and enables organizations to focus on delivering better service to their business. Our solutions’ architects work with customers to understand their specific application requirements and make recommendations based on that. It really depends on the workload that the customer has.
4.Is cost saving the main driver for hyperconverged?
While customers utilizing hyperconverged infrastructure see a reduction of their total cost of ownership by large amounts, it is often the simplification of IT that customers are interested in. Recent research we have done shows that 75% of CIO’s and IT Managers’ number one priority is simplifying IT operations, followed by 54% prioritising cost reductions.
Our humble mission at SimpliVity is to simplify IT, we do that by consolidating all the elements below the hypervisor and by managing it through the same software that administrators use to manage their virtual machines.
5.What is unique about your hyperconverged offering?
While there are several other vendors that use the term “hyperconverged,” SimpliVity is the only company to converge all IT elements below the hypervisor – as many as 10-12 disparate data centre products.
Other companies stop with a single shared resource pool among servers, network and storage. SimpliVity was built to support the requirements of the virtual data centre, including data protection, WAN optimization, cloud gateway, etc. We have natively included these capabilities instead of bolting them on afterwards as either physical devices, or VMs loaded on the same box.
Our Data Virtualization Platform, with the Accelerator Card, is a critical differentiator that is unique in its ability to solve the data problem by deduplicating, compressing and optimizing all data, inline, in real-time, at inception, once and forever, across all stages of the data lifecycle. This enables us to provide up to 100:1 data efficiency and enables us to offload processing from x86 CPUs, allowing them to focus on application workloads. In short, our solution is the only product on the market that provides companies with both cloud economics with enterprise capabilities as well as performance, data protection data efficiency and global unified management.

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