Europe's Leading Cloud Provider Optimistic on ASEAN Markets

While it's still growing its name in ASEAN, OVHcloud is a global player and the leading European cloud provider operating 400,000 servers within its own 31 data centres across 4 continents. For over 20 years, the group has been leveraging an integrated model that provides full control of their value chain, from designing servers to managing data centres through orchestrating fibre-optic network. This unique approach enables OVHcloud to cover the full spectrum of use cases for its 1.6 million customers across 140 countries.
Data Storage ASEAN caught up with several executives from OVHcloud in conjunction with their virtual summit. The three-day OVHcloud Ecosystem Experience event reinforced the company's commitment to running its data centres and wider business operations. The virtual event brings together 150 speakers from all around the world, across 90 sessions, to propose a deep dive into the cloud ecosystem for 3 days and plans to welcome over 10 000 guests. 
According to Michel Paulin, CEO of OVHcloud, the OVHcloud is a SMART cloud as it is:
  • Simple to use
  • Multi-local with worldwide data centre local teams
  • Accessible by providing control of the whole value chain
  • Reversible, open and interoperable
  • Transparent on its prices and data protection
"We continue to invest massively in our infrastructure and solutions, including new models and acquisitions. We focus our efforts on the ecosystem. Opening a third path in the data world is not an easy task. Still, we are confident that we can do it, thanks to this unique and strong ecosystem bonded around core values such as Openness, Reversibility and Transparency. We have created a new route for PaaS and SaaS providers who want to be part of the move to data sovereignty. This is the Open Trusted Cloud program. This ecosystem is not only about doing business together; it's our solutions partner joining our open solidarity initiatives to propose free tools to keep working, learning and caring during the lockdown. This is one of the reasons why we are so proud of our ecosystem," said Michel.
Having been picked by IDC as the 1st European cloud provider in the public cloud, it's a totally different game in the APAC region. OVHcloud already has a strong presence in India, Singapore and Australia and is already looking to build on this. More services and solutions will be introduced to the region in the future as OVHCloud continues working with partners to grow and expand. In Singapore, for example, Michel says the company is planning to expand its web and data centre capacity, and add data centres in India and Australia next year.
Michel pointed out the biggest barrier coming into Asia is the brand. "As a French brand, increasing our branding in Asia is a challenge as we are still new to the market there. We want the market to know we exist and have the capability to offer strong performance solutions at an affordable price. We do believe the cloud market is balanced between the global and local market, which is why we have the multi-local model. We need to ensure that we can meet all regulations and compliance. And as we are already GDPR compliant, it's easier for us to be compliant with any type of local regulations."
OVHcloud understands the importance of relying on local partners to propose solutions which are completely tuned for the local market. This includes bringing in global solutions and making them available to work with the demands of the local market.
While the cloud does provide key advantages for businesses especially with the pandemic having a huge impact on how businesses operate, Michel feels selecting the right vendor and supplier for your cloud service or any IT service is very important. Businesses need to be aware of the cost advantage they can get from these services and also try their best to avoid any vendor lock-in.
This is where OVHcloud has an advantage. Its pricing model is set to be based on what customers need. Meaning, you only pay for what you need, when you need it, allowing you to better manage assets. Its prices also allow businesses to be in control of their budget and expand at their own pace without having to break the budget, something which is not easy to find these days with other vendors.
"OVHcloud is able to provide the price advantage without any lock-in strategy, scalability in allowing the customer to adopt their own infrastructure based on their own capabilities and the capacity to have state of the art solutions," said Michel.
As part of its constant engagement towards European strategic independence, OVHcloud also positions itself at the core of the GAIA-X framework to scale European values across the cloud industry and market worldwide. This commitment is also reinforced with large-scale innovative projects such as the strategic partnership entered with T-Systems, to co-build a unique sovereign platform on public cloud technologies. Lastly, the company steps upon its security roadmap to obtain key labels of trust such as SecNumCloud in France, AgID in Italy and C5 in Germany, and join trusted frameworks such as G-Cloud in the United Kingdom.
Meeting the demands
Over the past few years, OVHcloud has been working on redesigning its worldwide backbone network infrastructure and has built a system which can handle a global increase in traffic. On top of this brand-new scalable, power-efficient, and resilient architecture, the global cloud leader has also rethought its ability to address a wider range of use cases with a core focus on resiliency and ability to scale.
Thanks to its brand new High-End ultra-performance infrastructure, OVHcloud takes on a new journey to improve, by combining best-of-breed technologies to address specific enterprise-grade use cases and even ready-to-use clusters of servers.
Also, to address growing storage and AI needs, OVHcloud has enriched its solutions catalogue, by accelerating its storage roadmap with the recent acquisition of OpenIO and EXTEN technology, along with providing a complete AI toolbox with cutting-edge solutions. Thanks to this, businesses will be able to build their own AI-solution or consume turnkey AI-applications powered by the OVHcloud ecosystem, with fully transparent and predictable pricing.
OVHcloud AI Solutions will make selected partners' AI technology tools and vertical solutions available to offer a seamless and unified customer experience. In order to do so, there will be full integration of the partners' tools and offerings in all the OVHcloud universes and across them. To this end, OVHcloud has selected 30 top European AI experts that are able to deliver and scale end-to-end solutions.
So how will democratising AI be useful for businesses?
According to Alain Fiocco, CTO of OVHcloud, there are at least two or three use cases in any industry whereby AI will be beneficial due to the massive amount of data. Be it for predictive analysis or any use case, they need to mine this data for insights, and this is where AI will be very important. But these processes are not easy. Companies have been doing proof of concepts to be able to make use of the data.
"We are trying to make AI beyond the reach of just data scientists or system engineers doing the proof of concepts, but something that can be used by the business overall. Most businesses realise the potential of AI and want to use it on a larger scale. We are not yet at that point, but hopefully soon."

Sustainability for all
OVHcloud steps up with an ambitious commitment over time: reaching carbon neutrality with a purely renewable energy mix by 2025, moreover, it plans to achieve net-zero emission by 2030. To do so, OVHcloud defines 5 key levers to deliver a strong sustainability agenda: monitoring, design, renewable energy, circular economy and ecosystem mobilisation will be its key focus for the coming months. As part of this roadmap, OVHcloud initiated a partnership with the leading European technology research institute Inria, to enhance monitoring and transform it into a customer-facing asset.
For François Sterin, EVP Industry at OVHcloud, more businesses realise the potential that comes from reducing their carbon emissions. It's no longer just about reducing their bills and part of their CSR but also the requirement most companies are having these days when taking on new businesses or partnerships. The lesser carbon companies emit, the better for the environment.
"Sustainability is becoming more important. What we see is public institutions and investors having procurement guidelines that require sustainability rating. It's moving fast and a lot of our customers have their own sustainability criteria. This is why we insist on this. It's not just us, it's an industrial responsibility."

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