Disruptive One-on-One: Desmond Ong from Nutanix

Continuing our 3-part series at Disruptive, we had a quick chat with Desmond Ong, Managing Director, Nutanix Malaysia and Brunei.

During the conference, Desmond focused his presentation on hyperconverged technology. He notes that in the markets, there is an increasing demand for less space but more storage. He explains that the design of legacy storage systems can no longer support the load of data generated in the modern society. He believes that we should fully utilise the potential of cloud services and think about storage differently from the old 3 tier system. Throughout the industry within Malaysia, we may be a bit slow in adapting to those changes.

“Malaysia has always been the third wave to adopt any initiative. We always start with US, Europe and then slowly moving into more developed nations like Japan and Singapore; Malaysia will always be the third wave. People would always be looking at what those countries are doing and if they are successfully moving into it, they will start to adapt. That has always been the case for the last 20 – 30 years.”

Being a pioneer in hyperconverged offerings for enterprise, Nutanix technology has come a long way since 2009.  Based on similar technology adopted by public cloud providers such as Google and Amazon, Nutanix’s enterprise offerings have evolved over time with many added features and functionalities. This sets them apart from other players in the industry.

“Recently more and more companies are expanding by acquisition, and they are looking at offerings for hyperconverged technology. For big players, big names in the industry, to be stepping into the hyperconverged market - it solidified Nutanix’s position as a pioneer. It’s a statement to tell the world that we were on the right path. It’s very rare for you to see a big company like HP announce a product offering and publicly names us as a competitor for their quarterly result announcement. It’s almost free advertising, confirming to the industry that Nutanix is a great company with great product. It also shows the industry that hyperconverged is the future.”

Although being a major player in the hyperconverged market, Desmond knows that there is still a disparity between industry knowledge and public perception. His focus now is to educate businesses on how new technologies like hyperconverged can help optimise their operations and better assign time and resources for improving the company’s performance.

“We are educating the market on hyperconverged and why there is a need to move into hyperconverged – that is our main agenda now in Malaysia, increasing market adoption of hyperconverged technology. It is a new technology, simple to manage, takes away a lot of low level jobs of managing IT infrastructure. We off load these kind of work from the IT organisation so they can position their resources into application that are more beneficial to the business instead of doing the day to day low level jobs. We think this is a better infrastructure for the companies to adopt.”

 It’s not just about the technology though. It’s also about the awareness of how companies should move forward in virtualising their infrastructure. He explains that 90% of the companies are ready to jump on the virtualisation bandwagon, but many do not know where to start.

“The infrastructure supporting their virtualisation is a 3 tiered legacy infrastructure. And the 3 tiered infrastructure was not built with virtualisation in mind. Hyperconverged, on the other hand, is an infrastructure designed from the ground for virtualisation. It is very easy for organisation that are already virtualised to move into hyperconverged, and that will prepare them to be ready for a hybrid solution; having a private cloud in the own company but also leveraging on the public cloud offering as well.”

His message to the crowd echoes other speakers in the event. And it is also this mind-set, we believe, that solidifies Nutanix’s position within the industry.

“Industry doesn’t change overnight – there will be new products coming into the market and legacy is slowly going away. The shift from 3 tier architecture to hyperconverged is happening now. Adapt to the changes, look at where the industry is heading and do not be afraid to move with the industry, or you will fall behind.”

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