Current Rate of Data Growth Unsustainable Without A Holistic Data Management Platform

Spurred by global trends such as digitalisation and the cloud, more data is being created by more people, organisations and devices. A recent global study by Veritas has found that the annual data growth rate has skyrocketed to 48.7 percent. In fact, more than 50 percent of the file count were of “unknown” nature. During an interview that DSA conducted with David Noy, Vice President of Product Management at Veritas, he said the rate at which data is currently being created and stored is unsustainable. There will come a point in time when we will generate more data than we can make drives to actually store them.

Also present during the interview was Ravi Rajendran, Veritas Managing Director of Asia South Region, who provided insights into some of the data management issues from an ASEAN perspective. They both agreed that it is becoming a rising challenge, globally, for today’s businesses to manage the soaring volumes of data while supporting innovation and mitigating the risks associated with it. But while they can’t control the explosion of data, according to Ravi, it’s crucial for organisations to have the ability to manage data in an optimised fashion in order to cater to the data growth.

David added that it’s a necessity for businesses to know their data inside out, to know which data is important, which data they need and which they do not need to retain. This is because from his experience, a large number of organisations commonly do not know what data they have. In many cases, they can’t delete the data because they don’t know what it is, therefore they might be deleting something important. In fact, it has gotten much worse since the advent of the cloud because now, not only do they not know what they have on-premise, but they don’t know what they have off-premise either. So in his view, the cloud has added more complexity into the mix and the problem has become almost exponential in terms of size.

To keep up with the change and transform digitally, Ravi pointed out that businesses need to change their whole approach to data management and just how important it is in this age where data is the most valuable asset. He said, “So for a company, how do I have control of information and leverage it? The first step is knowing where my information is, what it is and what I can have visibility of. Then gaining insights and intelligence so that I can start building on that knowledge and see how I can leverage that for the business. So without data management, without leveraging all these assets or information all around the environment, you wouldn’t be able to transform. I think [digital transformation] is actually a journey, to be honest. It is not some kind of product or solution.”

David then added that organisations have to transform in order to stay relevant or they will become obsolete, and from Veritas’ perspective, “Our job is to make it as easy as possible by providing the right products with the right product integration, capabilities and services to allow them to do what they do and to help them change by understanding what their problems are and providing what they need. Those who are willing to embrace that will survive, thrive, while those who are reluctant will find themselves in a very tough spot”.

Speaking of transformations, Veritas itself as a company has gone through its own evolution over the years. While it was originally known purely from a data protection, backup and recovery standpoint and it’s still great at doing that, Ravi stated that now customers are asking for more than backup and recovery solutions. “They’re now looking at things like getting their on-premise scenario also to be integrated to their cloud strategy. We also help customers address compliance issues like the PDPA in Singapore and GDPR regulation in the EU, and then there are things like data insights and visibility into what data they have. The bottom line is, Veritas is transforming because customers are starting to understand that the most critical asset in their environment is information. So we are now going out there with the mission to address those information needs – be it management, protection, compliance, multi-cloud, integrated scenarios, etc. This is how exciting it’s going to be for us moving forward into the rest of the year.”

To add to that, David mentioned Veritas has had an exciting year so far. As an example, he gave the recent release of the Veritas Access Appliance, a disk-based solution for long term data retention and archiving, as one of their products which have had multiple pre-orders. “That speaks to the kind of trust that people have in our products. Over the next couple of months, expect to see a lot more products to come out in the data protection space around our 360 data management philosophy.”, he concluded.

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