Cohesity’s Sheena Chin Optimistic About Their Opportunity in ASEAN

Cohesity recently announced the appointment of Sheena Chin as the Managing Director of Sales for ASEAN to continue the company’s rapid growth in the region. Chin will be responsible for driving go-to-market strategy and execution for the ASEAN region, working with channel partners, systems engineering, operations, and marketing teams.

The former Singapore Country Director from Veritas brings years of data management expertise to Cohesity, having built a strong presence in the region and significantly impacting revenues during her tenure there. Sheena had also worked in Symantec as an enterprise sales director.

DSA reached out to Cohesity to speak to Sheena to find out more about her new role and her plans for Cohesity.

According to Sheena, as businesses scale, data volumes continue to rise exponentially. At the same time,  businesses globally are finding that it’s nearly impossible to know what data they have, where that data is located and stored, or if it’s properly backed up and secure. Sheena pointed out the data is often highly fragmented between infrastructure silos spanning on-premises, cloud and edge environments. Organisations find it incredibly challenging to derive insights from their data.

“This is a phenomenon we see in ASEAN as well. I am very excited about what Cohesity is doing to solve these challenges in the market. Cohesity is the only data management company that has created a platform that dramatically simplifies backup and makes it a snap to manage, store and extract powerful insights from data across all environments using one simple user interface.”
Sheena added that customers could also rely on Cohesity’s technology to help ensure their data are compliant.

“These are game-changing capabilities for IT decision-makers and senior IT leaders. I’m excited to work with partners and customers in ASEAN as they look for disruptive ways to manage their most important digital asset, which is their data.”

For Sheena, the biggest challenges for ASEAN customers often fall into three main categories: Simplifying the management of backing up data, reducing the total cost of ownership and mitigating business risks, particularly around data governance and protection.

“Today, legacy products only solve pieces and parts of those challenges. Cohesity’s software-defined, disruptive technology, including its web-scale platform and distributed file system, enables companies to easily search and find data and make sure that data is backed up, protected and stored as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.”

Sheena also said companies could rely on the same platform for analytics, dev/test, archiving and much more, instead of having to purchase point products for each of these capabilities. As customers are looking for new technologies that will solve old problems, Sheena emphasised that they are also looking for innovative solutions that will tackle mass data fragmentation challenges and make data much more productive.

Having said that, we asked Sheena is she felt companies in Southeast Asia are looking to new companies like Cohesity to solve issues.

Sheena highlighted that businesses recognise the need to compete more effectively. They are focusing on business continuity requirements which are resulting in high demand for cloud storage, disaster recovery, and backup services.

 “We are optimistic about the data storage and recovery market in Southeast Asia and see demand in the region.”

Emphasising that more needs to be done to educate local businesses across Southeast Asia on the value of data storage and recovery solutions, Sheena said Cohesity noticed that enterprises are increasingly choosing data storage solutions to simplify their operations. This is especially so with the local governments’ push for investments in new digital transformation initiatives, such as cloud and analytics. 

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