AWS Believes 2021 Will See More Innovations and Adoption of Technologies

As we begin the third month of 2021, tech companies continue to try and predict how the year will turn out. While the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way we do everything, the vaccine role out may just bring some much-needed positivity to all sectors.

For AWS, they have come up with eight interesting predictions they feel will not only shape 2021 but also the years to come for various sectors and industries. According to Olivier Klein, Lead Technologist of Asia Pacific for AWS, the ASEAN region, in particular, is accelerating its developments in tech adoption with most countries in the region more adoptable and ahead compared to other developing nations around the world.

The eight predictions made by AWS include:

  • The usage of the cloud everywhere – more organisations will embrace the cloud knowing the benefits and simplicity it brings.

  • The Internet machine of learning – deriving data from IoT devices to improve performance and deliveries.

  • Deriving pictures, video and audio – using AI and ML to better serve and understand consumers.

  • Transforming physical worlds digitally – the adoption of virtual experiences.

  • The importance of remote learning – ensuring education reaches all, no matter where they are.

  • Quantum Computing – making quantum computing available for testing.

  • Higher cloud adoption by small businesses – SMEs adopting the flexibility of the cloud and cost savings it brings.

  • Space, the final frontier – the use of data from satellite for predictions and forecasting.

With cloud adoption predicted to increase tremendously in 2021 and beyond, there is no doubt that more organisations are now understanding the full potential the cloud offers to them. In fact, Olivier points out that cloud adoption is now the new normal with AWS serving millions of customers all over the world as businesses want to access capabilities to meet new leads, avoid managing expensive data centres and transform their culture to become more digitality native.

“Physical boundaries make no difference when it comes to cloud adoption and digital transformation. Companies that set themselves up for digital success will succeed no matter where they are. ASEAN is more successful than most places because companies start off with cloud computing. Lots of startups are popping up in ASEAN that are cloud-native and using AWS”.

In Malaysia alone, Olivier explained how several customers have already benefited and seen positive growth from increased cloud adoption. Customers include POS system StoreHub who also successfully launched BeepIt, an online delivery platform and TF Value Mart who migrated to the cloud to improve speed, security and scalability.

Part of the reason why cloud adoption has increased is also due to the increased usage of IoT devices and technology. This includes the usage of AI especially Machine-Learning frameworks to understand and generate insights from the data generated by IoT devices. Businesses today are leveraging on AI and ML solutions for their data to not only understand customers but also transform the customer experience, improve business operations, provide better and faster decision-making and also innovate newer services.

As such, more businesses will look to transform the physical experience into a more digital experience. For example, e-wallet service provider Boost has set itself the goal of transforming the payment experience into a truly cashless one. Boost currently serves nearly nine million consumers across Malaysia and built its existing customer database using AWS. They leverage big data and AWS analytics services to derive marketing insights that offer customers a more seamless experience on the mobile app.

While businesses like Amazon Go have been successful in the US, Olivier believes Malaysian businesses have what it takes to emulate that model and offer it here as well with AWS happy to provide the technologies needed to make it happen.

“From an AWS perspective, whatever capabilities we built, we can give out and democratise for anyone. For example, Amazon Fraud Detector. You get access to the same capabilities and machine-learning abilities that Amazon is using. It’s about giving everyone access to the same capabilities. Companies that embrace their digital transformation will leapfrog those that don’t. You will not be able to deliver the same customer experiences if you’re still using manual processes. Our mission is to give everyone access to these capabilities and make it seamless to use”, explained Olivier.

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