ASEAN Businesses Enhancing Workplace Mobility with VMware Workspace ONE

by Aron Raj, DSA Journalist

There’s no denying that workplace mobility is becoming a trend these days. More employees are preferring and choosing to work anywhere, anytime. But the problem they always had with this was having to carry multiple devices for their work. Today, the average employee has at least two mobile devices with them. 

To solve this problem, VMware introduced Workspace ONE. And in the months since its release, it has grown to become a popular mobile workplace application tool used not only by employees but by employers as well. Businesses feel they are able to have more visibility on their employers through Workspace ONE and also feel more secure.

VMware Workplace ONE is a management platform that allows IT administrators to centrally control end-users' mobile devices and cloud-hosted virtual desktops and applications from the cloud or on-premises deployment. 

At VMworld 2019, Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware, announced new updates for Workspace ONE. Among the most interesting innovations included in the updates are those that are designed to help organisations engage employees from the moment they sign their offer letter, and to unleash productivity to grow, expand and transform their business. The new modern management, security and multi-cloud VDI innovations will allow IT teams to leverage the power of automation to intelligently manage and secure access to any app, on any cloud, delivered to any device.

VMware is leading the way in helping IT and HR reimagine the onboarding and day one employee experiences with the introduction of digital concierge services, leveraging the extensive automation capabilities of the Workspace ONE platform and the richness of partner integrations. 

The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is the central launchpad for employees to securely access apps, workflows and notifications and connect with colleagues. It now includes a virtual assistant, powered by IBM Watson Assistant, that users can interact with using natural language processing (NLP) or text. Workspace ONE is the first digital workspace platform to integrate an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered virtual assistant.

While the platform has been successful in the US, businesses in Southeast Asia are also beginning to see the advantages that it brings. In an exclusive interview with DSA, Sanjay K.Deshmukh, Vice President and Managing Director, Southeast Asia and Korea, VMware, said ASEAN businesses are moving to use VMware Workspace ONE in their businesses for their employees. 

Sanjay K.Deshmukh

“In Singapore, our largest customer has 20,000 users using VMware Workspace ONE. Our largest customer in Malaysia has more than 10,000 users. Workspace ONE has gone from pilot to mainstream in less than a year.”

Sanjay gave us three reasons why VMware Workspace ONE is proving successful in this part of the world as well.

Firstly, which is also the most obvious reason is security. Companies want to be secure. He explained that if we were to look at cyber threats today, most of them originate from mobile devices. And with VMware acquiring Carbon Black, this value-added protection will now be available on the Workspace ONE, enhancing the secure connection on the platform for users.

Secondly, Sanjay pointed out that the millennial population in the working force is higher in ASEAN compared to the rest of the world. Millennials make more than 30% of employees today. And working with millennials means having to get them used to the consumer experience. If businesses don’t give them the same experience, productivity will go down. Workspace ONE gives the same experience. 

Finally, it is about work-life balance. Sanjay said compared to most countries, employees in ASEAN countries spend a lot of time moving around or stuck in a certain area. This includes being stuck in traffic jams, public transports or having to move around for work. Workspace ONE enables them to have workplace mobility while also ensuring a high level of security by providing companies with visibility over their access. 

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