Zetta dangles golden parachute to Backup Exec customers

Vultures circle the carcass of the dying! The metaphor shouldn’t be lost to anyone in the IT industry. We’ve seen it constantly. When a vendor is rumored to be killing a product or about to be bought, competitors flock with carrots to dangle to woe ‘victims’. So should you wonder that no sooner that Symantec makes known that it is discontinuing the Backup Exec appliance, Zetta.net is offering a 6 months free service and 20 percent discount.
Customers who welcomed Backup Exec 2014 in June must have been to be told that the product will be discontinued by January 2015 – about six months after launch – that’s shorter than most warranties of mobile phones and digital cameras, even branded lithium batteries.
Zetta.net offered the “golden parachute”, as one media described it, with the PR message that “Stability is essential to successful backup programs, and the discontinuation of a company’s backup service can be very disruptive,” noted Gary Sevounts, Zetta.net CMO. “To help minimize migration interruptions, we’re offering affected users an enterprise-grade cloud backup alternative, with potentially significant cost savings over their appliance”
Zetta.net provides customers a SaaS-based cloud backup & DR solution with built-in WAN acceleration, designed to rapidly move large datasets over the Internet. The company claims its customers have achieved transfer speeds of up to 5TB in 24 hours. The service requires no appliance or other new hardware, allowing users to easily deploy and manage their backups, as well as avoiding the potentially costly recovery delay of waiting for a replacement appliance after a disaster.
Zetta.net CEO Ali Jenab said, "We are seeing a big trend towards businesses and MSPs moving away from tape- and appliance-based backup products to pure SaaS-based solution offerings. Our software-only approach with built-in WAN optimization maximizes the benefits of cloud services, enabling faster deployment capabilities, ease of use and lowered costs."
We should not be surprised with this though. In November 2013 Symantec announced that it was cancelling Backup Exec.cloud. It was quickly followed by GFI MAX offering a way out to stranded customers. Zetta.net also laid out a migration promo for Symantec BackupExec.Cloud customers stranded following the service shutdown.

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