VMworld 2019 Kicks Off with Updates on VMware's Acquisitions and Portfolio

by Aron Raj, DSA Journalist
 Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware

While “Make Your Mark” is the theme for this year’s VMworld in San Francisco, VMware seems to have hit the mark with their continued innovation, expansion and acquisition journey. Following its two big acquisition announcements last week, the atmosphere at VMworld was all about getting to know what VMware’s plans were for them. 

And that was exactly what the twenty thousand attendees got. In his keynote address, Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware, explained how both Pivotal and Carbon Black would add more value to VMware’s offerings as well as new Kubernetes solutions.
Here are some of the highlights of Pat’s keynote address at VMworld 2019: 
Tech as a Force for Good 
Pat started his session highlighting tech as a force for good. He explained how VMware is committed to helping organisations, especially NGOs, in their digital transformation.  
“Technology will have a greater impact in our lives. Is technology good or bad? The answer is neutral, as it is neither good nor bad. It’s often how we shape technology. As technologists, we can’t think of tech as someone else’s problem.”
At the same time, Pat said there’s never been a more important time to be a technologist. He added that technologists who master multi-cloud will master the next decade. 
Pivotal Acquisition
“We’ve invested heavily in Kubernetes. Over the last couple of years, we’ve risen to be the number three contributor to Kubernetes and open source.”
He explained that the Pivotal acquisition just shows how committed they are to this space. And with that drive, VMware unveiled VMware Tanzu. 
The newly unveiled VMware Tanzu Portfolio will help enterprises build modern applications, run Kubernetes with consistency across environments and manage all their Kubernetes clusters from a single control point.
“With Tanzu, we are going to be building, running and managing applications.”
VMware Tanzu Portfolio 
Build - Pivotal and Bitnami combined has a total of five million developers. Bitnami brings packaging and deployment technology that has enabled enterprises to do great things. Pivotal is the premier developer experience with cloud-native applications. Pivotal embraces Kubernetes and is a big part of the VMware Tanzu Portfolio. 
Run – Project Pacific embeds Kubernetes directly into vSphere. It unites not only vSphere and Kubernetes but also unites developers and operators. Project Pacific established vSphere as the platform for modern applications. It will be the most trusted platform. IT operators will use vSphere tools to deliver Kubernetes clusters to developers, who can then use Kubernetes APIs to access SDDC infrastructure. With Project Pacific, both developers and IT operators will gain a consistent view via Kubernetes constructs in vSphere.  
Manage – VMware Tanzu includes a tech preview of VMware Tanzu Mission Control. With VMware Tanzu Mission Control, customers will have a single point of control to manage all their conformant Kubernetes clusters regardless of where they are running be it on vSphere, public clouds, managed services, packaged distributions and do-it-yourself (DIY) Kubernetes.
Cloud Health Hybrid 
VMware Hybrid Cloud Operations will simplify the way customers manage systems and applications through automation, cost management, compliance, resource governance, security and visibility. VMware wants to provide consistent infrastructure and operations.
At this point, the Star Wars theme plays with Pat proudly saying, “We’ve brought together the major cloud providers, we’ve crossed between developers and IT, what’s next? And I thought maybe just possibly we can bring the world of Star Wars and Star Trek together for the first time.”
In other words, Pat means that with hybrid cloud, anything and everything is possible. 
Modernise or Migrate 
Businesses are still not sure if they want to fully migrate or modernise their services first. Pat said that they realise that businesses today want to both modernise and migrate.  Migration costs are not low. The process and the risk become larger. Moving onto the hybrid cloud minimises this. 
“We are working with Nvidia to bring together next-generation AI and ML capabilities as part of the cloud platform.”
vRealize will be delivered as a cloud service for automation, network and operations. Pat added they are building more services to help businesses accelerate the transition into the cloud via HCX Enterprise. 
VMware is also leveraging on Dell to improve DR-as-a-Service and best-in-class data protection. 
“Telcos will play a bigger role in the cloud industry more than ever before.”
Pat said telcos are changing their infrastructure from hardware to software. He adds this is a great opportunity for the US industry to step back in and play a critical role in 5G. 
VMware acquired Uhana for AI in 5G. According to Pat, 5G will be more than just a tech change; it will be a behavioural change as well.
Workspace One  
VMware also unveiled several updates to Workspace One. The Workspace One Concierge Services allows personalisation and simplifies employee experiences with its AI-powered virtual assistant. 
VMware Horizon Services for multi-cloud will enable IT admins to automate brokering and management across multi-site environments. 
Carbon Black acquisition 
For updates on Carbon Black, Sanjay Poonan, COO of VMware addressed the crowd on the company’s plans and strategies following the VMware acquisition.
By producing a holistic approach, VMware aims to add Carbon Black into the ecosystem through its workload security with vSphere, workspace security with Workspace ONE, network threat analysis with NSX and cloud security with Secure State.
VMware’s Intrinsic Security plan is to secure endpoint devices with user identity in the cloud, network and endpoint. 
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